am i being a bit too vigilant

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primrose Posts: 291
hi girls i am 18 weeks pregnant. this is my first pregnancy, so all is new to me. i just have a query though and i hope some of ye might be able to help me out. my husband and i have always enjoyed an active social life....we do relaxing things during week e.g dinner and movie etc, and weekends consist of maybe dinner, then on to a pub and late bar. i havent drank since i found out i was pregnant. the last few weekends, i am getting a bit worried. i get a bit anxious that maybe someone will push me or fall into me when we are out and that the baby might get hurt or that i could miscarry etc. since i have been on the dry, my eyes have really been opened to the behaviour of some people who have drink on them....jesus some people really lose the run of themselves!!!....maybe as well i am more sensitive to things now esp when im not drinking i am more aware of issues like this.. when im out now i feel like people are intentiontally trying to pixx me off by bumping into me etc etc!!! anyway, i love socialising and so does my husband. do ye continue to socialise in the same way as prior to pregnancy or have ye changed anything?? cheers primrose xx
primrose Posts: 291
12 views! just bumping it up!!!
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
I don't feel right being in late bars and havent stepped foot in a nightclub in I don't know how long to be honest. I am protective of my bump now more so as I get bigger I suppose,I feel you social life does get effected to the point of being too tired and listening to the rubbish people talk with drink on them thats why I feel its safer and more relaxing to stay at a home,others may find it different. We enjoy meals out etc...but not every weekend and im not a taxi to chaffeur(sp) drunken people around either :o0 Its a personal choice I suppose
coconuts Posts: 213
I have had no intention of going clubbing firstly because I am also wary of getting stuck in the middle of a fight (I have ended up on the floor twice before in clubs because happened to be standing int he wrong place when a fight broke out) and also I feel all the fun is sucked out of it if I can't drink and I feel self conscious with my bump. Social life is now really dinner, coffee or friends' house parties, barbeques etc. or a few quiet drinks i.e. somewhere I could be guaranteed a seat! i have also found myself cancelling on people from time to time because I am sick, tired, sore, emotional etc.
primrose Posts: 291
thanks girls!! other peoples information welcome too!!
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Primrose, my DH never drank and used to tell me things like this but when you have a few on you you dont notice. For a while before i got pg i was hardly drinking at all when i went out, maybe 2-3 drinks so i really noticed how people act when drunk. I dont really go to pubs now only 3 times since BPF and i made sure i got seat in the corner where i couldnt get bumped. One thing i notice more now is the filth of some places, i try not to let it get to me but im easily put off a place now if its not spotless. Even the cinema is starting to bother me. :o(
primrose Posts: 291
hi nltg its amazing what you notice when youre not drinking!!! im like you, i notice the dirt of places, the smell of places etc etc. thanks
coconuts Posts: 213
I notice the smell of people's breath in particular - drink and smoke - this is how I used to smell!
Elliecat Posts: 2725
[quote="coconuts":3p8hnrw5]I notice the smell of people's breath in particular - drink and smoke - this is how I used to smell![/quote:3p8hnrw5] Oh yeah, this really gets me, DH getting into bed with his smelly beer breath, yuk. I haven't been out an awful lot since bfp, one wedding and another evening which were both fairly tame, but I had a party on Saturday night which was completely mental and I was so afraid of getting knocked flying - I wouldn't go near the dance floor for most of the night, and when I did, dh was making faces at me as if to say what are you doing?!?
Lady Di Posts: 2487
Primrose that could of been my post!! I've stopped going to pubs etc so am feeling like a hermit. I play poker once a week which I always really look forward to and mostly on a Saturday night we go down to the golf club and have dinner and a game of cards (god I sound like a right gambler!). I like the golf club cos its never packed and I know all the people so know that there won't be any roudyness or anything like that. I find I've gone really nervous, I'm wary of everyone and always have this feeling of aprehension that something bad is going to happen if I'm out in a pub or somewhere like that. I am also scared of people banging into my bump. My DH and I partied REALLY hard last year as we knew we were going to be trying straight away for a baby so we thought we'd make the most of our last year of freedom, so I think that makes me feel even more like a boring hermit. People with drink in them really annoy me, even my DH sometimes and he never really annoys me otherwise. I find by far the hardest thing about being pregnant is not drinking!! Now I sound like a gambling alcholic!! :o0 Sorry for waffling on :-8