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cherries Posts: 68
Hi, Was due af yesterday but still no sign and don't feel particularly like its imminent. One thing i have noticed is a huge amount of cm in the last few days, like huge blobs of it! Any chance this could be a sign of pregnancy and not of af on its way or worse still an infection? Would love to hear your views please O-O
Duffers Posts: 1841
Hiya Cherries, Im the same with the last few days...but dont know what that means.... Any advise or help would be appreciated. Still no sign of AF.....
mrsjay Posts: 190
wouldn't like to get your hopes up for no reason but i have heard from a few mothers that they got lots of cm around the time their af is due! best of luck girls :))
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Girls from what I've read your CM is supposed to dry up after ovulation. A few girls on here thought it was a symptom before getting a BFP. I personally thought it was an overflow of "swimmers" from all the baby dancing - this apparently happens a lot and semen looks a lot like CM. :hic This is disgusting but what does it smell like? You will probably be able to tell if it is semen or an infection based on the smell - an infection would be likely to smell bad and we all know what the swimmer smell like. Can't believe I'm typing this before my lunch.... :hic :hic (there really should be a nausious emoticon on a pregnancy forum!)
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
I had CM last month and thought it was a good sign. Firefly did too i think. Anyway I got AF. I think everyone is different. I was reading up on it earlier and a lot of women who got BFP (on ) all commented on amount of CM they had before getting BFP.
Duffers Posts: 1841
Thanks for the info. No bad smell so i doubt its either of the above suggestions...phew! We're not 100% TTC, just off the pill to let things settle before we do start trying. OMG...wot if I am??!! Was at dostor around Xmas coz i was pretty sick (just at evening times) and he asked was there a chance I was pregnant but had AF at the time. Think things are just settling down.....maybe.....?
cherries Posts: 68
Thanks Girls, appreciate the replies. Will keep ye updated as to any news either way. Its definitely not the "overflow", have experienced that before and yes it stinks!
happyvibes Posts: 331
Apologies in advance if TMI… I am currently on 2WW about 11DPO and today and yesterday I have had brownish watery CM (I know, sorry!)……has anyone else had this before a BFP or even a BFN as I don’t rememeber having this before to be honest. No other symptoms at all though! I am trying not to read into everything as I did that last month and drove myself mad!
NewYearsBride Posts: 69
Hi ya shelly, it may be implantation!! But i did hav it last month and got the dreaded AF about a week after! Im also on 2WW, 9DO and I dont seem to hav as much CM this time...i dunno if thats a good thing or not! I hate this waiting! I'm dyin to test!!!!
happyvibes Posts: 331
Join the club, its doing my head in! I am not testing early this time though, have promised myself! I am due between the 17th and 20th so not too long to wait.