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elfen Posts: 244
Hi All, Just wondering what you have decied re Ante Natel classes. I am due March 3rd and have booked a one-day course, as opposed to the 4/6 weekly ones the hospital offers. Mainly for handiness sake as I am not very close to hosp. This is for the Start of Feb and I will be just 36 weeks then. Do you have any feed back from these one days courses as oppsed to the weekly ones? Do you think we would be missing anything, am starting to get quite nervous re the labour/birth and I reckon thats whats making me question it ... Thanks Elfen :thnk
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
Starting mine next Wednesday Going to hospital for them They are on for 4 weeks Looking forward to first one cos they give you tour of hospital and labour wards
elfen Posts: 244
Thanks LMS, thats the one thing I know we will miss out on.... might not be a bad thing ... feeling really nervous last day or two!
mumof2 Posts: 3864
From what I have heard you shouldn't miss out on much - of course way back in August I went totally overboard and booked the hospital and private ones. The private ones are starting next week - one day or 3 evenings and when I said this to the midwife in the hosp and asked whether to cancel one, she said I should do this as well as the hosp ones if as they were very good (with Cuidiu) and told me with the hospital ones I 'might as well' do them as they were free - she said I wouldn't get any more info in the hosp ones, just the tour. So from that I would think you will be fine - will compare both when I have gone to them
newyearbabs Posts: 686
Hi I was the same as SP I booked private and public ones. THe private ones ran over 4 evenings and have to say where much better than the public one they gave me great confidence in myself and to speak out if not happy in hospital with the way things are done. I have heard that the day ones are really good too but can be a lot to take in, in one day a girl I know took a pad and wrote notes to remind her of some points. The only thing about the hospital ones (which I only done the 1st one) was that you got to see the labour ward which is not as scary as you think it really put my mind at ease. Good luck