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bridemay08 Posts: 61
Hi girls, Just wondering is there any may 2008 brides out there. What I really want to know is what preparation work have yee done. when myself and my h2b got engaged first I did alot of preparation work, ie wedding venue, church, priest, band, wedding dress. and months have passed and I have done nothing. Should I be doing more because i feel that the wedding will creep up on us very fast and I really dont want to leave everything to the last minute. Looking foward to hearing from all you may 2008 brides :o)ll :o)ll
Scrummy Posts: 183
Hi ya, Im May 08!! I have this organised; Church, Venue, Band, Photo, Video, DJ ,Flowers, Make up, Bridemaids dresses picked out, my dress picked out. I have been picking up bits along the way ie; unity candles etc. Im worried now- I think I prob should have more done?? Happy planning!! Next mission is booking honeymoon but I know I still have lots of time
bridemay08 Posts: 61
Hi Scrummy, Thanks for your reply god you have much more done than I have I feel even more worried now, I better get my arse into gear. We havent even thought about the honey moon yet. Were thinking of America, I'd lover to pay Las Vegas a visit. Where are you guys plannin for your honney moon :o)ll :o)ll
deeh Posts: 6
Now I'm panicked :ooh I've got the church, Hotel, and am only looking at photographers and bands now!!! the only consilation I have is a friend of mine did it all in 4 months. Has anyone heard of the wedding band the best men?
maybride08 Posts: 258
Another May 08 bride 2 B So far I've got the Venue, Church, Photographer, Band and DJ. Currently working on Dress, BMs Dresses, Flowers, Make-up and Honeymoon in Bora Bora.
May 08 Wife Posts: 1642
Hi im the 31st May 2008. So far i have booked the following: Church Hotel Band DJ Photographer Videophotographer Church Music Florist Irish Dancers for Evening Food Break Bag Piper Red Carpet Unity Candles My dress picked ordering August 4th & BM dresses picked ordering off the net once i get the girls measured up. I know i have a fair bit done byt im a very organised person.
DSVB Posts: 57
Hi Deeh, yes i've heard of The Best Men they are really good. You should give them a call and see if they are doing any showcase gigs so that you can check them out for yourself.
dublindoll Posts: 134
Hi ladies, I'm up 2nd May and thought I was nice and organised til I saw this thread! We've got the Church, Hotel, Band, DJ and Photographer booked. My dress and BMs dresses are picked out and will be ordered by Sept. The next big thing I want to do is Church music and the guest list coz we want to send save-the-date cards soon. (lots of guests from abroad) Havent even thought about the honeymoon yet! We're planning the wedding from Germany so everything has to be coordinated with trips home which makes it all a bit sporadic! Good call starting this thread!
NewbieCork Posts: 2
Hey everyone, :wv I'm a May 08 bride too, and I'm starting to panic going on what ye have been saying! I need to get my show on the road fast! :ooh I am looking for simple and elegant invitations at the moment, any recommendations?! Thanks! [url=] [img:3ea1xl1r];54;117/st/20080508/e/The+Big+Day%21/k/d882/event.png[/img:3ea1xl1r] [/url]
may2008 Posts: 455
i am getting married 10 may and so far i have booked: Church hotel band dj photographer church music wedding cars wedding dress notice to state I am in the process of organising the BM dresses, flowergirl dresses and my honeymoon. Going to las Vegas and the hotels aren't taking bookings till Aug so have to wait for that. Also organising my wedding favours at the moment - not important i know but at least it will be one thing off the list - oh and am in the middle of typing my wedding booklet.