[quote="silverlight":1c83n4u0][quote="Dancing Queen":1c83n4u0]God I wish I could, between the morning sickness, SPD and bad back I've turned into a couch potato. All I can do is look at the mess building up and say I really should do that. Its really stressing me out :([/quote:1c83n4u0] Don't feel bad, I saw somewhere else that you are only early on in preg? I've only just started 'nesting' & to be honest, it's only because I'm off work for the summer. I wouldn't be doing this if I was coming in from work every day. It's cos I'm here all day that I'm looking around & seeing things that need to be done![/quote:1c83n4u0] I'm only 15 weeks but have been very sick since I was 5 weeks pregnant. So thats 10 weeks of nothing much done :-8 Im waiting on this lovely energy burst I hear about, not very patiently LOL