Any other pregnant ladies going to Slane?

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cressa Posts: 318
I'll be 20 weeks pregnant so wondering how good an idea it really is! Am I mad? Have seen Oasis play every time they've been here and love Kasabian and the prodigy too so would hate to miss it.
red_rubies Posts: 2424
I had a ticket, was going with DH & a few of our friends. We bought them ages ago but I'm not going now. I just know (personally) that I wouldn't be able to hack the whole day - standing/walking, sitting on a hard ground. I'd end up getting tired & irritable & there would be no way of getting home. Think the others will have a better time without me!! I think you know your own stamina & if you feel you will be up to it, then there's no reason why you shouldn't go.
cressa Posts: 318
Yeah I know what you mean, I've found Slane really tiring before when I wasn't pregnant. It's the whole trek into the site itself and back out is the killer. Was planning on driving as I won't be drinking. feeling good at the minute though am full of energy after being so sick from week 6 to 15.
MINI DONKEY Posts: 2499
CarrieD Posts: 460
Hey i'm going to slane but i'm only 14 weeks (will be 16 wks) when it's on - i feel fine and think i'll be ok for it. - am going to bring one of those fold up chairs and hopefully get a place at the back where it's not too crowded. I'm also going to U2 on 24th July - a bit more worried about that one but i'm hoping again to go towards the back of the pitch where it's n ot so crowded. I was hoping to go to Oxegen - the line up is fantastic this year but decided against it in the end
Joleigh Posts: 4242
Hi Cressa, I'm going to Slane! I'll be 20 weeks by then. I was gonna sell my tickets, but I'm feeling good at the mo and I know I'll be kicking myself if I miss it. Plus I thought I'd be huge by 20 weeks but at the mo I'm neat enough. I have a wedding in Clare the day before so have to drive up from Clare the morning of the gig! Was also thinking of driving to Slane, just wondering how much of a nitemare that would be though, and where to park? I know its a long walk in and out of Slane, but I'll just take it easy and sit down when I can. Good idea on the fold up chair Carry! I looked up the Slane and Ticketmaster websites to see if there was any info for pregnant ladies but I couldnt see any.
missust Posts: 370
i have a ticket but will be 34 weeks so decided not to go :o( i went to beyonce in the o2 last week and i was exhausted the next day. my feet were like swolen rugby balls after it too. i loved every minute of it tho. :o)ll if i was only 20 weeks i would go to slane i think(i live close by tho). however dolly's is the closest you can drive and its still a few miles into the village......have done it many times drunk and doesnt seem far :hic but sober and pregnant its a long walk. my aunt went to slane 15 years ago pregnant and broke her leg :eek dh had to carry her to ambulance at the top of the hill...not a pretty sight....but a great story that has stood the test of time. :o0 if you decide to go have fun....and be careful!
big mama Posts: 623
hi all, will be 20 weeks also the week of slane and yes i am goin to go !!!! i live near slane so will prob drive out then walk in , did the mini marathon last week so cant imagine it will be any worse !!!(apart fom the porta loos ) so to whoever is goin have a good day dont go into a big crowd up front and if u see me let me in the portaloo first!!! :o0 :o0 :o0 have a good one !!!
goodie09 Posts: 192
hi guys Know how you feel....I was supposed to be going to the Electric Picnic but I've decided not to go now. Am gutted as we got engaged there last year so it's a special trip. Anyway, baby is more special. Will be 26 weeks at that stage and would feel like a right eejet with everyone drinking and leaping about the place around me. There is also the major matter of sleeping arrangements....don't think I could hack a blow up bed for 3 nights during pregnancy. I have decided that I would probably be a big moan. Sending my husband off on his own. Am selling my ticket and considering a weekend spa break with one of my friends instead.
baby blues Posts: 22
Hi Girls I will be 26 weeks by then but am still reasonable neat so have decided to go, a friend of mine thinks I am mad so hopefully she will be wrong. I will be driving home from it so at least wont be stuck on a bus for hours and I plan to bring my folding chair so can take breaks when I get tired walking. Heres hoping it will be a nice sunny day.