Any other recruitment consultants out there?

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Recruitment.Consultant Posts: 2
Sorry to go anon for this, I'm a fairly regular poster but I know recruitment consultants sometimes get slated here so prefer to go anon! :-8 Are any other consultants finding the industry tough now? I love my job and always have loved it and can't see myself leaving but it's different lately. Maybe it's only me but Candidates letting me down not showing for interviews, being offered positions and turning them down, clients taking forever to come back with feedback on CVs, interviews etc. then candidates are gone with other offers. O:| Anyone else in a similar line of work? Don't slate me please girls
Recruitment.Consultant Posts: 2
meeeeeow Posts: 1349
I was thinking of changing careers, and recruitment was something that popped into my mind. Sorry I can't comment on your post, but any hints/advice you have would be greatly appreciated!!
2crazy Posts: 1478
I am also considering a career change and Recruitment would be something I would be interested in.So any hints would be great.
x_x Posts: 1823
Hi ladies - I was in recruitment when I finished college first, money was great, I made 8 placements in my time there and got alot of commission....but I only stuck it for 3 months....hated it. Just was not for me. I am not slating consultants tho in general!! Each to their own - it just was not for me. Far too cut throat and the agency I was in hounded and I mean hounded people....and there was this board that all your placements were written on and we used to have these awful sales meetings where if you didn't have x number of people going for interview or whatever you were made feel like a total loser. Maybe it was just the agency I was in but I actually got a job with one of my clients and I am still there! But I found it a super super hard industry to work in when I was in it over 3 yrs ago...if its gotten worse - my thoughts are with you!! :action32
rigo Posts: 421
Girls I really hate my job and looking to move too. The agency I registered with seemed to be calling me about jobs that i didnt have enough experience for. Have tried irsh jobs etc but it hard. [/i]
x_x Posts: 1823
Sorry to hear you are finding it hard rigo!! I remember you posted a couple of weeks ago- best of luck with the search.
rigo Posts: 421
Ah thanks buggser. not giving up though. Had an awful day in that mad house. One of the managers hassling me for a good long time. Took a complaint againt her last year but the hr dept took her side and basically told me they couldnt do anything. She really annoyed me today and i ended up going home with a bad migraine. not one to let anyone get to me but dont think I have any fight left in me. The main manager could give a dam what happens he wants a managers wage but doesnt want the hassle. Iam not the only she annoys but always let her get to me eventually. BITCH