Anybody seen 'Les Miserables' movie..??

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Annajoly123 Posts: 601
I would love to see it soon as I have seen the musical in The West End and loved it. Has anybody seen it or heard any reviews about the movie??? I never knew Anne Hathaway could sing! Pretty random. I also would like to see 'Chainsaw Massacre' ( never saw the original) but OH is not interested in coming to see it with me :o(
vinoqueeno Posts: 3511
Yep, I went to see it with my sisters last week & loved it. Haven't ever seen it on stage but my God it's done really well. Hugh Jackman is amazing and I thought Russell Crowe did really well but just felt, while his singing was ok, he lacked the ability to belt out the bigger numbers (that's just being very nit-picky though :-8 ) I've been walking around humming the songs all week!
longtimeyet Posts: 461
Went to see it during the week and it was excellent. I really loved it.. (have never seen it on stage) Anne Hathaway was amazing in it! Would go look at it agian if any of my friends needed someone to go with!!
JustJess Posts: 368
Watched it last week and loved it. Going again next week Anne Hathaway didnt blow me away but I think that was because the media obsessed about her. She was great though. I thought Samantha Barks was excellent as Eponiene (sp) Hugh jackman was great, took me awhile to realise it was him at the beginning of the film as he really looked so different. I could understand how javert did not recognise him I really came out of the cinema thinking it was worth it! A bit long but I was hooked throughout
MrsBraxton Posts: 4662
Went to see it over the weekend and really enjoyed it. Thought Hugh Jackman and the guy who played Maris (sp?) were really good. Went with mum, my sister and my bro's gf and we were all saying after we can't see how Anne Hathaway deserves Oscar nomination. She's hardly in it! The middle was a bit slow but overall really really enjoyed it and didn't think I would. Wasn't sure how the whole singing thing would work out in the cinema but it worked.
vinoqueeno Posts: 3511
[quote="JustJess":2wt6divc] Anne Hathaway didnt blow me away but I think that was because the media obsessed about her. She was great though. I thought Samantha Barks was excellent as Eponiene (sp) [/quote:2wt6divc] Totally agree about both these girls. Thought Anne Hathaway was good but really wasn't in it for very long at all but really loved Eponiene - thought she sang fantastically & did you see the size of her tiny little envy on my part!
SBeacon Posts: 29
I loved it but I like musicals anyway. I saw the stage musical in Dublin many years ago so have been a long term fan. I would go see the movie again. I brought my husband and he actually enjoyed it to. We seen the impossible the week before but both of us enjoyed this movie way more.
Mrs W Posts: 2923
I liked it, it wasn't the most amazing film but ones of those ones you can't not see? I don't understand how Anne Hathaway is up for an Oscar either. Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe were very good, Amanda seyfried normally drives me demented so she must have been good because I actually thought she was alright! After the first hour I was wondering how I'd last another hour and a half but it flew then. Helena bonham carter and sascha baron Cohen were very funny too!
MrsGilhooley Posts: 1235
Loved it too. I was a bit cynical about Ann Hathaway too but I thought she was fantastic, the Oscar is for best supporting actress so I guess that reflects that she wasn't in it for too long. Eponine's song was fantastic, I thought it was better than "I Dreamed a Dream" I didn't warm to Amanada Seyfried at all, I didn't think she was well cast and I didnt she sang well either
hyperrational Posts: 697
I saw it, enjoyed it. Thought Russell Crowe was actually very good, couldn't understand all the negative reviews/comments about him!! On the other hand, I didn't think Marius was great at all and I definitely wouldn't have been running away with him!!