Anyone considering doing their own flowers???

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PlayBones Posts: 32
Or am I crazy? For some reason I think it would be a fun thing to do with my sister (bridesmaid) the day before... both to save money and for the fun of doing it. Or am I crazy and will I regret it!? PB.
E.Rose Posts: 188
To save money, and because I'm into making stuff myself, we are going to go to Lidl the day before and pick up a few bunches of flowers for the hotel tables! :o)ll I've bought artificial flowers for my bouquet (ones that look real!) and I'm decorating the seats in the church with paper pompoms. The only issue to think about with making your own bouquet is, will the fowers wilt, or lose their petals. you could find out what flowers last and maybe even do a trial run in advance and see how long they'll last. Alternatively, you can buy holders on line where you can put in an oasis and then hide the holder with ribbon. Either way, i'd definitely suggest a trial run for the bouquet, but for tables, etc, where the flowers will be in jars/vases, I dont see why not! :thnk
maybride2017 Posts: 232
Hi can I ask where you got the artificial flowers? I want artificial ones aswell as I will keep them after and people can take them home aswell if they want, its so hard to know looking at the ones online if they will be good quality! :)
Curunina Posts: 83
I have a friend who did this - she was being quoted 60-80 for a bouquet that she figured she could make for 10. She did a trial run, and all was well - but when she talks about her wedding she said it was a regret, and that the hassle of it spoiled the morning of her wedding. (The trial revealed that it would have to be done on the day.) Another friend just did her own venue flowers (which were grown in her MIL's garden), and while I don't think she regrets it, it did mean that there were about 8 of us on a mason jar/water/scissors assembly line for a few hours the night before the wedding. The experience convinced me not to do it myself (and I love that kind of thing). I'd have a good think about your timelines before you make a decision to do it to be honest - but if you do, best of luck!
PixieH Posts: 80
I was bridesmaid to my friend who also decorated the whole church a few years ago. It meant someone going into all the supermarkets very early the morning before the wedding to buy the flowers. It took about 6 people to do the church and it took most of the day. It was a lot of work. Yes we had fun and the church looked fab but there wasn't any time for pampering or relaxing. So like another girl said on here I made the decision that day to hire someone to do it for my own wedding. I want to be relaxed and spending time with my family the day before the wedding.
E.Rose Posts: 188
I got them in Meadows and Byrne and got some when I was on holiday in Germany. The hand thing about the artificial is that I can do the bouquet a few weeks in advance. I'm keeping it simple for the hotel tables, I'm not a bit fussy that way; I have jars collected and we'll pop whatever we get in Lidl into the jars. I will say the artificial flowers can get expensive. I'm going to make up the bouquet in advance but I'll fill it out with greenery from the garden. I've already tested the greenery to see how well they last for 24hrs so I'll probably do that the day before.
CasualBride Posts: 574
My friend got artificial flowers for her wedding, she got them all online from a company in the UK, bouquets and everything, but she has allergies so she wasn't doing it as a cost-saving measure, it probably was a bit cheaper but not massively. The good artificial flowers are expensive cos they do look great. I'm doing what OP said; I have holders with oasis in them (I got them on - packet of 6 for a couple of euro), we're getting the flowers from a wholesaler in Dublin and doing them a day or two before the wedding. I'm not getting married in a church though, so I don't have to bother about anything but bouquets. Not doing button-holes or anything like that, I just don't value those kinds of things, so I'm not bothering.
PlayBones Posts: 32
Thank you everyone for taking the time to reply and giving me some insights.... I think you're right... while I love the idea of doing the flowers the day before... I probably will regret it.. not fun doing if you want to, or need to be doing something else!! So I've decided to order my bouquet and my bridesmaids, and the button holes and corsages. I'm gonna buy some oasis and do the pew ends myself the day before... that way I get to do a bit... but not the important bit. If the pew ends lilt I can live with that!! Thanks again!! Happy with what I've decided now! PB.