anyone do swimming to loose weight?is it good???

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larrson07 Posts: 222
would ideally like to tone up my thighs and swimming good for this ???
katiecaboom Posts: 831
I think swimming is an all rounder! want to try and start myself soon :-8
Jeidi Posts: 3128
The year before last I went swimming once a week. I only did the breaststroke and I swam anything from 30 - 80 lenghts. I didnt think it at the time but looking back I was a slim jim. Then I got pregnant... hahaha But yeah swimming is great, just plod away at your own pace and you'll see results in no time.
aston Posts: 4100
Love swimming! Best form of exercise and it suits me! It tones arms, legs.. everywhere to be honest! Am pregnant now and havent been doing any swimming at all but hope to get back into it in September. Go for it, its brill!
jadem Posts: 1787
I started swimming and walking 5 weeks ago and have lost nearly a stone,so swimming def is great for toning. I go 3 days a week and do half and hour of lenghts,do be wore out and then straight into jacuzzi ,steam room,sauna,its tough :o0
Claregirl1982 Posts: 71
Any initial form of exercise will help you lose weight but swimming generally tones more, unless you are doing it excessively or at very high tempo. If you mix it in with some cardio you will see great results.. Try power walking to and from your local pool if you can. Or spending half hour on cross trainer then half hour in pool etc. Best of luck with it.
mrs_c_to_be Posts: 534
I can swim but don't think I could do it well enough to see any benefits exercise wise. Think I would give up after one length :-8
Claregirl1982 Posts: 71
[quote="mrs_c_to_be":1fi6qj6r]I can swim but don't think I could do it well enough to see any benefits exercise wise. Think I would give up after one length :-8[/quote:1fi6qj6r] Oh don't be like that mrs_c_to_be. It's lots of fun honestly!! O:o)
Claregirl1982 Posts: 71
Forgot to add earlier that cutting the lawn, hedges etc is also great exercise. It helps tone up the arms and shoulders whilst getting rid of those love handles. My H2B likes to watch the footy at the weekend and play online poker weekdays so he doesn't get the time to keep the grounds in order. Works to my advantage though. Lol! :o0
mrs mcl 2010 Posts: 202
I learnt to swim two years ago and it definately tones you up, I found a real difference on my arms and waist. Didn't really lose weight just inches. I haven't went in about nine months now but determined to start in september again- going back to my classes to master the back stroke. To really see a difference you need to do the front crawl as it uses more energy- no use doing the breast stroke like the ole biddies in the pool who don't get their hair wet, unless you are doing it really fast to work your muscles.