anyone else feel like a robot/going through the motions??

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crossroads2013 Posts: 163
Hi girls, Not sure if this is the most appropriate forum... but just wondering if anyone else out there feels like a robot going through the motions Monday to friday?? After being made redundant last year from a job and team of people I really loved I started a new job over 6 months ago which I hate but i'm putting up with because hubby and I are trying to save. So I'm trying to resign myself to staying here until sometime next year but in the meantime I'm just feeling like a total robot. I wake up in the mornings at worst dreading coming in here or at best going through the motions. Once I get out the door i'm fine again but given i'm in here 9-6 Monday to Friday I feel like my soul is been sucked out of me.... and as we're saving our weekends are usually quiet as well. Just wondering if anyone else is in a similar position and how you manage it?
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
Absolutely! Up at the crack of dawn each morning, having to do a job where there's no change day to day - even down to being like a broken record, repeating the same thing over and over again to people. Even when I get home, it's just dinner - tv - bed and then the whole thing all over again. I might put on a wash, just for a bit of excitement! :o0 The nearest you'd get to excitement in work, is hearing who's left/leaving or the usual office rumours about the current situation. I just wish something new would happen - just to keep me awake at times! :duh:
crossroads2013 Posts: 163
Good to hear i'm not the only one... the people in my new job don't actually talk at all and I think that's why I hate it so much in here. I've never worked in such a weird environment. Apart from saying hello and goodbye, people say very little else to each other. There are two normal girls i do get on with but they're in a different room so I can only chat with them from time to time. Its so stifled in here and given i'm a very sociable person by nature, I find it really difficult to be here. In my last job I had such a laugh in the office. I miss is so much :weep The plan is for me to try to stay here until we can get some proper savings together for a house deposit and once that's done i'm out of here. I'm just worried about what this place and coming in here it going to do to me long term, I makes me feel very down a lot of the time... a bit lost really O:|
aylala Posts: 3673
Yes me too. I really had to make myself come in today and have even booked Thursday off (I dont work fri) to make the week shorter. I wonder is it to do with winter and the darkness in the mornings and evenings
smidge31 Posts: 137
Could have written this today!!!! Been in since 9am and been on the internet all day..........roll on half five!!! The girls in my place arent the most talkative either but after 7 years i just want to collect my pay and head home....during the week i feel like a zombie and by half five on a Fri im rearing to go!! I normally try and catch up with friends in the evening to pick myself up...would this be an option for you? Hope the day goes quick for you x
crossroads2013 Posts: 163
I'd kill for a four day week, or a three day one, even better!!! For me its definitely the new working environment. Don't get me wrong, its not like I was skipping into work in my old job, but in this place, somedays i'm just hanging in there feeling like I want to walk out the door and get my old life back. I'd love to hear how other people 'keep going' in jobs they don't like... my 'plan' is to try to stick it out here and save as i'm on good money (something I should be grateful for I know) we're ttc at the mo so it would be fantastic to get pregnant asap as it would give me something else to focus on in this place...
morningsun Posts: 784
I was that soldier until about 2 months ago. There isn't really a great plan to deal with it. What I found helped was to feel like I was making the most of my time when I wasn't in the office or travelling to work. Whether this was visiting family, friends, yoga class etc midweek to loads of activities on the weekends. We did a lot of walks, drives within an hour of our house, picnics, go visit other towns, some hiking, went cycling around country lanes we had never been too etc loads of things that didn't cost much money but made me feel like I was making the most of my time off. We bought camping gear and went to gorgeous parts of Ireland we had never been too. Obviously not an option for you now but you get the idea. Make the most of your time off. I changed jobs in September and I LOVE my new job. I was only a few weeks from changing careers altogether as I have never really loved any role I have held in my career but I love this one. I left a permanent job for a contract role but I don't regret. I'm living again! I don't get the Sunday night dread. I don't end up hiding in the toilets in work unable to face back to my desk. I do feel like I missed out on the great weather this summer as I was working all the time so that is a regret What's stopping you looking for a new job now? Why wait it out a year? I know it's a cliche but life is too short.