anyone else feeling awful??

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Emsey Posts: 76
hi all...just wondering is anyone else feeling really 13 weeks and am constantly every muscle in my body is wrecked....i keep hearing that i will soon get this burst of energy but i can hardly get ouda bed..please please tell me this is normal and that im not gunna feel this bad for the rest of the pregnancy??
newone Posts: 1714
Hi Emsey. Sorry you are feeling miserable. I was feeling exhausted too for many weeks but I have turned a corner lately and don't feel so tired anymore! So hang in there! hope you can get lots of sleep!!
Delish Posts: 4176
yep it's all part of it.
montblanc Posts: 385
I'm afraid that its par for the course. I was completely overwhelmed by the exhaustion, no one had ever warned me how bad it was. I think by week 16 or 17 i found I was able to do things again in the evening instead of having to go straight to bed, it started to get better really slowly, no burst of energy all of a sudden for me at any rate. Sorry, I know how utterly miserable it is.