Anyone get their dress in Bridal Outlet Baldoyle? Help!

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Alsgal12 Posts: 1411
Girls, if ye ordered your dress here- was it later coming in then they said to you? I was told my dress would be in in early March and havent heard a sausage from them since. Now I haven't contacted them yet because I totally forgot they said early March. It was only when my Mam reminded me today that I remembered them saying it. I will give them a buzz on Tuesday but was just wondering if anyone elses dress was late?
b2bJune2012 Posts: 210
Hi, I got my dress from here too!!! :compress :compress :compress Wasn't expecting it in until Dec, but got a call to say it was in mid nov, so had no problems a all!!! :cool Just give them a wee call to see if they have any update, my dress has just been sitting at home waiting for time to come to have alterations done to it (which will be on Tuesday!! yey!!) :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll I wouldn't worry about it!!
Alsgal12 Posts: 1411
Yeah I suppose I'll have to wait until I ring them. Mam just freaked me out today when she pointed out that its a little over 7 months since I ordered it and no sign yet!!
erniebert Posts: 350
Try not to panic, it could be something simple like they took a digit down in your phone number and are waiting on you to ring them or something. Don't panic, there's nothing you can do until Tuesday anyway. Oh and even if it has been delayed a little bit, you still have loads and loads of time O:o)
Alsgal12 Posts: 1411
Thanks Erniebert, you and Elpi have calmed me down. It's amazing how someone else saying dont worry it will be fine can help ease the panic :thnk
chicabride Posts: 453
A friend of mine got her dress here and there was no worries or panic about it...actually I remember a story on here where a girl got let down by her bridal shop and they came to the I would say you have nothing to worry about.
Alsgal12 Posts: 1411
ANNNNNDDDDD Breathe..... Looks like I may be hyperventilating over nothing so. Dam Mother freaking me out :o0
may11 Posts: 38
Do not worry!! As mentioned above I wad saved by the bridal outlet- they are AMAZING! The wrong dress arrived to the shop i originally ordered from and to say there were unhelpful is an understatement. The ladies in the bridal outlet basically remade a brand new dress for me- I'm 6ft- with 2 weeks to go! You will be fine, they are fab xxx
erniebert Posts: 350
Did you ring them? Hope they were able to put your mind at ease :o)ll
Alsgal12 Posts: 1411
Thanks all, I rang them this morning and they said that it should be in by end of April- there's no problems with it thank God :thnk