anyone going private in Mullingar?

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searchingforBFP Posts: 111
Hi all, Its getting quite close to d day for me ...sept 1-3rd?? So I decided to give my hospital a call to make sure that they have all my details and know that I am a private patient etc. I see my consultant at his house so my file is in his house. Basically, they said that they will have all this information when I get to the hospital when I am admitted, so they will know I am a private patient. Then I asked about the chances and procedure of getting a private we all guessed if there is one there you will get it. I asked if many private patients dont get their private room. So in case there are many of you going private in Mullingar, they said that most people will get their private room...please bear in mind that there are only 6 private rooms in Mullingar, and if you dont get it the first day, you willmore than likely get it the second night. If you are admitted but dont have your baby on the 1st night and you get a private room, they keep that room for you while you are in the delivery suite.......I had heard that hey can take the room and give it while you are in delivering.... Anyway just thought I would let ye know!!
hipbaby Posts: 4530
God I never heard that and I had both my girls there! I know they prefer to start you in the main ward and from my experience its from when you have the baby that they move you into (again in my case) first a twin room and then when a single becomes available into there..