Anyone going to get the Swine flu vaccine?

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snuggler Posts: 1296
Hi girls, just spoke to Doc, not sure if it's been discussed but the vaccine coning out in 2 weeks and they advising preg women to get...anyone getting it? not sure what to do?
marriedinmay Posts: 578
I think that I will get, as I have Crohns Diease and take alot of medication to lower my immune system so not only would I be high risk because of pregnancy but my crohns alone would make me high risk. ;o(
Bright Flower Posts: 483
The HSE is recommending that pregnant ladies get it as we are higher risk. Although there are some mixed opinions as it is so new. I haven't really decided yet, but probably will.
pumba Posts: 257
Im leaning towards not getting. Just dont feel there is enough research done on it never mind research into its effects on pregnant women. An article in the Irish times claimed that in America they are producing a seperate vaccine for pregnant women...this is not inspiring me to avail of the regular swine flu vaccine we are being offered. There are a lot of opinions on this topic and it is a personal choice, for me im not willing to expose myself and babs to something that hasnt been thoroughly researched.
*BabyMaker* Posts: 212
My doc advised against getting injection seeing as I'm healthy etc but she said if I suffered from any serious condition she'd recommend getting it.
blondiechick Posts: 1641
I am [b:1y0ppw75]definately[/b:1y0ppw75] getting it. If you do a search you'll find a thread from a couple of weeks back where I wrote about my experiences with my respiratory specialist in Beaumont Hospital and how he told me how safe the swine flu vaccine is.... It's as safe as the seasonal flu vaccine, which I already got a week or so ago. It's the same ingredients except the virus is swine flu, not seasonal flu. The virus is a dead virus so cannot harm baby. As for that Irish Times Article, I read it too and it's rubbish, so my consultant in Beaumount said. The mercury levels are so miniscule they couldn't possibly harm the baby and the same levels of mercury are in the seasonal flu vaccine, which has been given to pregnant women for 4 decades with no reports of any problems ever. The consultant said also that the american doctor who came up with the whole 'mercury' theory was found out in the last while to be a fraud and that he was found to have made-up his findings and that he is now disgraced. he said The Irish Times were scaremongering for no reason and that their facts were wrong! So I am 1000000% getting the vaccine!! My doc's professional opinion is good enough for me and babs!!
Daff Posts: 11644
I don't think i'm going to get it. I'm very very nrevous about infecting something into my body that hasn't been fully tested on pregnant women, or unborn babies. I couldn't live with myself if it harmed the baby. I'll be in my third trimester when the second 'wave' is meant to hit. At that stage the baby is fully formed and I'd be much happier taking Relenza then (it is known to cause skeletal defects in fetus')
Belinda Posts: 142
I have just recovered from having the swine flu, I am 11 weeks pregnant. The doctor gave me a prescription for tamiflu (sp?) but I wouldn't take it. I just couldn't live with myself if it came out in a few years time that the medication was harmful to an unborn baby and I had put my baby at risk. I wouldn't have the vaccine for this reason as well. I just don't think it has been around long enough to know all the side effects yet. Now that is just my opinion and I have heard from many other mums to be that they are getting the vaccine so I really think it's a personal choice. I am probably a little OTT anyway cause i try not to even take panadol when I am pregnant!
hoodieboodie Posts: 1200
Belinda, you poor thing, hope you're on the mend. :thnk Is it definitely coming out in 2 weeks? I was just asking my doc about it this morning and she said it is not due to arrive in the country until the 2nd week in November and then it was being given to people working with close contact to the public first (health workers, bank clerks, police etc) and it would not be given to high risk health categories (diabetes, pregnancy, old) until the end of the year? Too late for me at that stage.
short n sweet Posts: 1802
I don't think I will get it - like some of the others I don't feel like enough research has been done, am also concerned about the fact it has mercury however small - they advise not to eat certain fish due to mercury content yet want us to inject something that contains mercury. Its a hard decision to make and one I will discuss with DH but at the mo I am deffo leaning towards No