anyone have ZERO symptoms when you got your BFP!

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babs76 Posts: 1000
I know I'm completetly cluthing at straws here (think most women ttc do that at some point or other!) but I'm 5 DPO and I have zero symptoms - I know i shouldn't but I googled it and loads of references came up with all these women who had all these symptoms from as early as 3DPO, back ache, AF type cramps, metallic taste in their mouth, tons of creamy discharge....I could go on... I was on Clomid CD5-9 and I'm currently on Cyclogest for 14 nights and then I'm supposed to test - I had some creamy discharge but now I dont notice it as much (the Cyclogest pessaries arent helping in that they mask it :-8 ) and I have a little back ache but I think I want myself to have it and therefore I'm almost imagining it if that makes any sense I guess I just dont feel pregnant - when i got pregnant with DD i cant for the life of me remember if i had any, to be honest i dont think i did as i was knocked for 6 when i got a post test (again was on Clomid and Provera as i had no AF) - i even ran half a marathon that week so must not have felt that bad just looking for a bit of positive news - anyone of you who got your BFP have absolutely no symptoms?
vanilla icecream Posts: 2125
Hi babs, When I got my bfp on ds I had no symptoms at all, no sore bobbies, no creamy cm - nothing! I got my bfp on cd 30 so 14 dpo. I think 5 dpo migh be too early to get symptons? If you can hold off until 12 dpo and then test? I know the 2ww is really hard though. Best of luck and I hope you get your bfp :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :stork: :stork: :stork: :stork:
Emomc Posts: 2069
Im almost 12 weeks and I still have no symptons but my waist line is defintely thickening :o0 .
Trafford Posts: 463
I had no symptoms at any stage, except my breasts grew I guess.
babs76 Posts: 1000
thanks girls - I will keep the faith so and hopefully things will work out :thnk
La La Land Posts: 226
Hi Babs I had no symptoms early on in this pregnancy except hunger - from about 7dpo. On my DD - I had sore BBs from day 1 so I really didn't think I was pregnant this time - it worried me a bit at the start but then the sore boobs kicked in around week 6 or so. Every pregnancy is different is what I'm discovering. Best of luck, hope you get that BFP X
Duffers Posts: 1841
Oh Babs, :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: But to answer your question, I had no symptoms at all I dont think. Just tested coz I knew it was around that time to test. Couldn't believe it was positive coz of the lack of symptoms. Ill be watching out for you. When will you test?
babs76 Posts: 1000
mrslegolas - I'm only 5dpo! so I've ages to go yet!! I'm supposed to take the Cyclogest pessaries for 14 nights (that brings me to Fri week) and then test the following day. My AF usually arrives 9 days after ov (very short luteal phase hence the clomid and cyclogest) but from what i gather the Cyclogest is supposed to prevent your AF from coming so will have to see what happens the 2 week wait feels like 2 months already :o0