Hi Girls, I'm just trying to do a bit of planning for the future (hopefully) and am wondering if anyone knows of a doctor surgery in kildare area ( preferably Naas, Newbridge, Kildare areas) that has their own mini scan machine instead of the doppler? Or is it possible to get a private early scan done in co kildare? I had a missed mc a few weeks ago & the gp I was attending only had a doppler. I had an appointment with the doc at 11wks & this was the 1st time they used it on me, they couldn't hear the heartbeat but said this was normal, so I took their word as I thought the machine looked a bit old, certainly sounded funny, however the next day things started to go wrong so for next time I'd prefer to change doc's & hopefully go to one with their own mini scanning machine. If anyone can recommend a good doc I'd really appreciate it. thanks[/list]