Anyone know how many scans you get in Our lady of lourdes

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mammy2be Posts: 257
For a normal pregnancy?
babydream Posts: 109
depends on if you are Public or Private.......I am private and have had 3 scans. I would imagine even as a public patient you should have at least 2 scans. The scans are important for showing docs (and you) that everything is ok. My suggestion, ask the doc next time you visit. Also just so you know, I have only good things to say about OLOL hosp. I was there last week after a little fall and scare and the midwives were so nice and kind. It has really put me at ease about going into labour in a few short weeks. best of luck to you. :wv
shameless Posts: 20
Hi I had one scan at 13 weeks and had expected another at 20 weeks but was told that they only do one scan on a normal pregnancy, so for reassurance I had a 3D scan done at 24 weeks in Swords to make sure all was ok!
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
I was public and ended up having about 5! Had my normal on around 20 weeks and they seen a low lying placenta so I was booked in for another one at 34 weeks. I was then hospitalized for swelling and I got another one I then went 2 weeks over and had a scan for each week I went over. But for a normal no complications you would only get the first one.
missust Posts: 370
only one for me too. going to get private one done this week. got private one at 11 weeks too in swords. it was great.
big mama Posts: 623
hi im on my 4th baby this time all were born in the lourdes i was public all times and i only had 1 on each!!! i know it feels very little like some of the other girls i had 3d scans etc goodl uck !!
joer Posts: 1617
have my 1st appt on 15th September, just wondering, do they normally run on time, I'm booked in at 10.30 so will need to take time off work, just wondered am I likely to be seen at 10.30 and be able to go back to work or do they give you a time and then see you whenever?? thanks
milis Posts: 7998
For your first appointment expect to be there for at least 2 hours (I was 3). You'll be left first of all to fill some forms. You'll then be seen by a midwife, who weighs you, checks your height, blood pressure and urine. Then you have your booking appointment, then bloods, then scan. There will be a delay between each section, I'd suggest bringing something to read *)
joer Posts: 1617
thanks Millis, and thanks also for all the ttc advice you gave me when I was ttc, I've since changed my name though incase anybody suspects me. so would I need nearly a whole day off? should I reschedule or ask for morning or evening, I just thought maybe you got whatever time and date you were given??
milis Posts: 7998
I don't know if you can change your app time, I suppose you could ask, the worst they could say is no!!