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bridemay Posts: 32
I know this isn't wedding related but I hoped maybe someone could help. I am looking to home dog that is being badly treated by its owner. He is a beautiful dog and I would take him myself only I have 2 of my own and a baby on the way husband has put his foot down but I am still trying! All this dog wants is love and he has plenty to give, if anyone is interested or knows of anyone please pm for more details. He has been an inside dog for the past few years owners have now decided to throw him out and lock him in a shed but he is house trained and very well behaved ...well more like scared to death. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
bride. Posts: 3014
Can you give details of the dog? WHat type is it? How old is it? Would it be used to kids or other dogs? I'd love a dog but we will be away between the wedding and the hm a lot over the next few months. Fair play to you for trying to help!
bridemay Posts: 32
He is medium size, he is black and tan in colour not sure what breed he would be as he is mungrel. I originally took this dog out a pound to re home as the owners got a new garden and decided the dog didn't suit it!! I re homed him about 3 years ago and everything was ok until the new owner fell pregnant and decided the dog was not wanted, he was in trouble for everything and the poor little thing did nothing. If he made a noise he would get a kick. When a car came up the ave he was encouraged to bark originally but when child came they didn't want this so dog just got kicked. He was never introduced properly to the baby and is not terified of her and now there is another baby on the way he is just locked in a shed all day and wants to get him put down as he is "a pain in the arse". I have dog sat this dog before and he is a dote he loves to play football bounces the ball of his head for ages. He loves cuddles, he gets on great with one of my dogs (he hasn't met the other). I would love to take him myself. He is confused and lacks attention. The sadest part of it all is he just keeps trying and they don't want to know. It breaks my heart to see this sort of thing going on and its worse when you can't do anything about it. If you know of anyone who could help I would appreciate it.He needs loads of TLC now.
Gabby Posts: 2873
oh God Bridemay thats so sad I cannot believe anyone would treat a dog like that. How old is he? Where are you situated?
bridemay Posts: 32
He is about 5 years old, he is based in Meath. Iam in Cavan but can get him.
ohsohappybride Posts: 3476
Just want to reply bridemay to say that you're very considerate for taking an interest in this poor dog. I feel very sorry for him, no animal deserves that type of treatment and I can't undersnat how a person could kick or abuse an innocent animal. I wish you lots of luck in finding a good home for him which he deserves. Can I ask you one thing? If you don't get a reposne by someone interested in having him, could you not just bring him to the SPCA closest to you as surely anywhere would be better than where he is now. God help those people's kids if that's how they treat animals.
bridemay Posts: 32
If I don't get a home for him I will take him myself and face divorce ..well face an earful but he knows what I am like! I would hate for him to have to go back into a pound as he has done nothing wrong and I thing this would confuse him even more. Even though he is not being treated right at the moment he is being fed etc and he is in familiar surroundings. Its a tricky one with regards to the owner, they wouldn't care if I took him away but if I was to report them and have dog taken away, I would be the worst in the world.
Gabby Posts: 2873
yeah i can understand that and I would definitly get an earful if I turned up with another dog. The poor dog though I really feel for him I do
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
I would so love to say yes but having one already I really do feel its enough,what swines to be so cruel to him,that carry on makes me want to cry and scream at the same time. I hope you find someone who will happily mind and love him :o(
bridemay Posts: 32
Fingers crossed :o(