Anyone start Couch to 5K when very overweight???

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Newme2013 Posts: 704
Have been thinking about this for a while. Currently have about 4 stone to lose. Should I wait until I have say 2 stone lost first or is it really possible to start from scratch when very overweight???
SunnyK Posts: 3834
I've a friend with a similar amount to lose and she started it a while back. Granted at the start it was tough, but it generally is for any non runner. After breaking through about week 5 she was absolutely flying and the weight was falling off her. I think all the more reason to start it now - it will definitely kick start your weight loss. Best of luck :compress
Newme2013 Posts: 704
Thanks Sunnyk, this has given me some encouragement that it can be done. Have my asics and all, just have to start now!! Does your friend outdoors or on treadmill?
SunnyK Posts: 3834
She does it outdoors. I actually started it with her but my legs KILLED me on the hard ground plus I Frickin hate the cold so I joined a gym but she stuck with it outdoors. She's been trying to lose weight for years and used to walk the whole time but I think her body just got used to that cos it was doing no good. When she started c25k the weight started falling off cos it was something her body wasn't used to. She also just gave herself one treat day a week and tried to be food the rest of the week. She was a little self conscious at first jogging in public, especially huffing and puffing at the start but she said she soon realised no one gives a f*ck! Best of luck with it missus!
Newme2013 Posts: 704
Thanks a mill, i'm a bit conscious too which is what is putting me off. There is a running track in town that I think I will use as my knees/ankles wouldn't be the best. Will be mortified but I suppose when I get into it I won't care.
happieout Posts: 3111
Go for it lady gaga, the weight will fall off, I find running really keeps the weight in check, not like walking. Make sure you warm up and get a training plan online. The couch to 5k is great, you'll feel so good doing it, it's initially hard but you'll get into your stride fast enough
Newme2013 Posts: 704
Thanks happieout, fingers crossed!!
LittleLion Posts: 201
Do it Ladygaga, you will love it. I'm on week4day2 and I'm addicted. I have about two stone to loose and I found it tough at the start. If you get past week 1 you will be flying it. I run outside and have had no problems yet. It's great for clearing your head and I have toned up loads. Best of luck... you can do it!
2012bride101 Posts: 62
It's easier on the treadmill as you're not propelling yourself as much. I'm due to start week three today. :hyper:
Newme2013 Posts: 704
Thanks so much for the encouragement Littlelion and 2012 bride. Am feeling very motivated here! 2012 bride do you have treadmill at home or do you go to gym to do it? Thanks