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Mrs.Dee Posts: 372
Hi Mrs. Peg, It's really really strange. I am off the pill since January and the longest its been is 33 days (that was the first month after coming off pill). The last couple of months its been 29/30 days. I've spent a small fortune on tests (all different types/brands) and all I'm getting is BFNs. I tested first thing this morning (you know the way early morning is seemingly better for higher hormone levels and still nada). Do you think I should go to the doc??
charmed Posts: 105
Best of luck to everyone testing this week, have my fingers and toes crossed O:o)
mila Posts: 698
For Bellabella: [img:1b4gd9u9][/img:1b4gd9u9] For Miss Sunshine: [img:1b4gd9u9][/img:1b4gd9u9] For Mrs. Dee: [img:1b4gd9u9][/img:1b4gd9u9] For Mrs. Peg, Sassy, and all the rest of us :D : [img:1b4gd9u9][/img:1b4gd9u9] Got them on - lots of cute e-cards there, but I don't have anyone's e-mail addresses, so I had to post them up here instead! Very best of luck girls - I'll be thinking of you all.
Mrs.Dee Posts: 372
Aaahhhh, thanks Mila.
Mrs Peg Posts: 1778
Ah thanks mila!! Very sweet. Mrs Dee - it could be that you ovulated later this month, that would delay your period. Did you travel anywhere, or were u stressed more than usual this month? I think if you've over a week late, the test should have shown positive by now but i could be wrong. It sounds like you may have just ovulated later. I'd wait a few more see and see what happens. Good luck to u :)
feelsobad Posts: 693
Mrs Dee - I am exactly in the same boat as you - off the pill 2 months - well this is my third month that I am in. First two months cycle was 32 days on the button. This month I am on day 35 now and no sign of my AF - tested today and got BFN... not really sure what is going on . I was thrilled when I thought my cycles were back to normal. This month though I feel different, boobs really swollen (strange blue veins on them) twinges in tummy and exhausted, also spots on my chin - so I think my hormones are all over the place. They say it can take 3 months or so for your system to be clear so maybe that is it or maybe as Mrs Peg says we ovulated later. i was travelling around the time I would have ovulated and have been a bit stressed about this whole baby making! will wait until next week and if nothing shows will go to the doc!
Mrs.Dee Posts: 372
Hi ya Chloe, This will be my seventh cycle since coming off the pill. I thought I was getting back into a regular cycle. The last three cycles were 31 days, 30 days and 29 days. I haven't travelled anywhere over the last few weeks but we only decided to start ttc two weeks into this month's cycle and you can imagine how hyped up I was. Maybe with all the excitement and over analysing every twinge I delayed ovulation. Think I'll wait and see how I get on next week before going to docs. Best of luck. Mrs. Dee
Miss Sunshine Posts: 1128
thanks so much mila. thats so sweet. i think i'll be getting a visit from AF though. I feel very fat today for some reason. :cry:
HappyGirl Posts: 113
Miss Sunshine it sounds very promising, don't give up hope yet (am well impressed with your patience by the way! :) ) BellaBella, best of luck this weekend, and to everyone else testing. I'm due next Wednesday, so probably won't be testing til Wed or Thurs (if I get that far). But will be thinking of you guys this weekend! :) Good luck HG
Sassy Posts: 2269
Thanks mila..... i really loved them. How sweet of you to think of us.