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loulou2014 Posts: 32
Ladies, have been trying to sort ceremony music, my first choice was booked, my second choice was way too over priced so am looking to contact Aoife O'Neil from Cork. Does anyone know if she has a website or anybody have feedback about her at all?... She sings with Papa zitas as well if anybody has a contact for them. Have heard wonderful things but it would be nice to get a hold of her!!! :-8 :lvs :lvs :lvs
always interested Posts: 89
she just set up a website [url:av1bpqee][/url:av1bpqee] we have the papa zitas booked for our weeding and she'll be singing at the church - have been emailing the last few days, shes so nice & helpful picking out the songs cos Im just clueless!
loulou2014 Posts: 32
Thanks a mill Always Interested! Got onto her yesterday, she is so lovely, you're right!! Have my songs almost picked but her repertoire list is so huuuuge I'm rethinking some things... got a great quote too. Have you heard her sing live before??? That's my only reservation... :-8
sok2013 Posts: 55
Hi loulou2014. I booked Aoife too because we too are having Papa Zitas for our wedding (soooo exciting!!). Went along to hear her this summer at a civil ceremony and she was really excellent. Thought she was quite young before ceremony but she really surpassed what we expected-highly impressed!!. We got a great deal with package as well.Really lookin forward to our music on the day.OH says I'm putting too much pressure on the musicians in my head hahaha! hope this is of use, S O:o)
always interested Posts: 89
loulou2014 ive heard her sing with the band & she has some songs up on her website that you can listen to as well We're having the papa zitas for the full day so cant wait :o)ll She is really lovely to deal with, so helpful isnt she?
albridemay2013 Posts: 27
I got same girls-full band package in May. we were so happy with all the lads and especially aoife on the day.they were all there from the start so felt like having family there with us thru the whole thing. and of course civil music was unreal. all I get from the relatives is "you must let us know when that band are in the area again!" Aoife is a lady 2 and can sing just about anyting u want :) :)
AoifeCork Posts: 73
Ladies, reading these comments has given me such a lift. Thank you all so so much. Nice to know I'm doing something right!! :)
sharonb2015 Posts: 31
Hi girls, looking for some more in depth feedback of Aoife if anybody has any... prices, style etc. Am having a church ceremony in 2015. Aoife's name keeps popping up so would like to see/hear her!! :)
sharonb2015 Posts: 31
Got married recently and we booked Aoife for church and and the papa zitas for reception . I can't help but recommend them to absolutely everybody. Her voice was absolutely stunning in church and with band. I kind of want to keep the papa zitas as my band only cos we got so many compliments lol! They were the highlight of the day. We had very little contact with them which I thought was a reason to worry but it's only coz of how professional they are. First dance was better than the recording and can't get over the bands talent. Led by the best singer in the country! Book now :lvs