Approx. price ranges for BM gifts?

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BrideinArmagh Posts: 102
I recently saw gorgeous present for my BM's - a fab Swartsky Crystal (please ignore my bad spelling!) necklace & matching earrings - but havent gotten it yet. Before I do, any advice on approx. price ranges that other Brides spend on their BM's gifts? I want to get them something lovely but don't want to break the bank or go OTT...... and would love some advice on whats considered appropriate or excessive...... BTW I have 2 BM's (if it makes a difference?)..... Thanks a mil! :thnk
DollyMomma Posts: 1231
It's really a personal choice and depends entirely on how much you want to spend. Just to give you an idea....I'm paying for my bridesmaid's dresses, shoes, make up and hair on the day, a hair trial and as a gift will be getting them the jewellery they'll wear on the day but it will be nice, classic jewellery that they'll have forever, and not just something that suits the dress if you know what I mean. I'm going to be getting them bathrobes too and will probably do up little mini hamper boxes for them also.
BrideinArmagh Posts: 102
Thanks Miss Diamonds - that sounds lovely and along the lines of what I was thinking (which is nice to know)! :)