Apricot oil what's if for?

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lifestooshort Posts: 2312
Anyone tell me what to use Apricot Oil for? A friend recommended but wasn't really listening??
nea dude Posts: 749
I can't say I've heard what it would be useful for, but most people recommending oils during pregnancy say they are to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks? From Wikipedia [quote:2saq2ck8]Apricot oil is pressed from the kernels of the Prunus armeniaca (apricot). The kernels have an oil content of 40-50%. The oil is similar to almond oil and peach oil, both of which are also extracted from the kernels of the respective fruit. Apricot oil is much cheaper than almond oil, and is used similarly in cosmetics to soften skin. It is sometimes added (fraudulently) to genuine almond oil and used in the manufacture of soaps, cold creams and other preparations of the perfumery trade.[1]Specifically, apricot oil can be used on the scalp to improve its condition.[/quote:2saq2ck8]
lifestooshort Posts: 2312
A friend said its to rub between my bits below?? Not sure as have googled but nothing is coming up??
justwaitin Posts: 2462
id say maybe it was almond oil, thats what was recommend to me
naughton Posts: 111
:o0 sounds like she was talking about a Perenial massage, I only found out about this a month or so ago from a friend and thought she was pulling my leg!! Google it, there is loads of info, basically it is massaging the perenial muscle which is between the vagina and back passage, with an oil (my friend used vegitable oil). It is supposed to help prevent tearing as massaging is supposed to make muscle more supple and stretchy... [url=http://www.TickerFactory.com/] [img:1fzar4so]http://tickers.TickerFactory.com/ezt/d/1;20718;29/st/20090204/k/9d05/preg.png[/img:1fzar4so] [/url]
smurf77 Posts: 2216
Hey there When are you meant to start doing this massage??
Ellore Posts: 46
[color=indigo:vmiporu4]As far as I know you're supposed to do this from week 34 onwards. It's supposed to help prevent / minimise tearing, though how to manage it with a huge bump in the way I have no idea...[/color:vmiporu4] :eek
smurf77 Posts: 2216
Thanks for the reply - was woried it is something I should be doing now :-8
naughton Posts: 111
This link goes into it in some detail, and sugests your partner do the honours :o0 http://www.ourmidwife.com.au/articles/massage.html [url=http://www.TickerFactory.com/] [img:3kwmrlq6]http://tickers.TickerFactory.com/ezt/d/1;20718;29/st/20090204/k/9d05/preg.png[/img:3kwmrlq6] [/url]
smurf77 Posts: 2216
Oh dear god! I thought it was just the outside not inside Is it possible to do it yourself???? :-8 :-8