april 09 -where for honeymoon?

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angelsdelight Posts: 31
april brides -where are ya all going on honeymoon and will the weather be good there at that time of year
2009 Bride Posts: 990
Hi Angelsdelight, we are going on honeymoon in April as well but haven't booked anything yet. At the moment we are thinking of a Southern Carribean cruise and then spending a few nights in New York on the way home.
gigs11 Posts: 164
Hi girls, we've decided to wait until Summer hols for our honeymoon - 3 months after the wedding!! At least it will be something to look forward to. We've booked 3 nights in Bangkok, 9 nights in Hua Hin in the Hilton (also Thailand) and then 10 nights in Langkawi in Malaysia. I'm dreaming about it already.
smittenb2b Posts: 675
We are going to India and goa for 3 weeks, we actually just settled on it last night. Yippee. :o) Its a guided private tour, we'll have our own chaffeur driven jeep and guide the whole time we're in India!!! And we get to stay in palaces all the way!!! Its an amazing trip and I can't beleive h2b is doing this for me. :lvs :o)ll :o)ll
sinduf Posts: 261
Hi, we're going to Orlando for two weeks then onto a caribean cruise for a week
angelsdelight Posts: 31
2009 bride, i was thinking the same thing.. have you got any info on it yet?
SingleNoMore Posts: 146
We were going to Dubai but h2b changed his mind, we're now looking at doing the Almalfi coast and/or Capri or something. We're not totally sure yet as h2b is self employed he inderstandably doesnt wanna have to take too much time off as nobody can just take over for him so as of now.......it's up in the air!!!