Are maternity hospitals busier at particular times of year?

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Grunge Bride Posts: 2529
Am researching hospitals and whether to go private or semi private. Think I'm going Rotunda but still wondering about semi private. I noticed some people went private but because the hospital was so busy they were actually put in a semi private / public ward. I'm wondering whether how busy a hospital is varies depending on the time of year or is it completely pot luck? I'm due in Feb.
BarbadosBride Posts: 448
I went private in the Rotunda but the private room was booked for my due date, as I was 9 days over they didn't have a private room available. I was in a public ward the first night second night had private room.
Jeidi Posts: 3128
Well just on the power of my observations..... I think from April - September seem to be the busy times, all you have to do is look around and see the numerous pregnant ladies around who are all very close to giving birth. I am due at the end of Jan - was nervours ringing up the consultant as he only takes a certain number of first time mums per month and as I was due at the end of the month I was sure he was gonna be full, but he wasn't anywhere near full! I'd say you're fairly safe in Feb aswell. I'm going private, and am hoping that there will be a room for me.
jellybaby Posts: 2316
[quote="Jeidi":268i2z8b]I think from April - September seem to be the busy times, [/quote:268i2z8b] You'd be surprised!! :o0 DD was born in December and it was unbelievable how many women gave birth in the hospital the same day as me. Normally after delivery, you'd be left in the delivery room with baby for an hour or so, but we were left for about 20 mins, then had to vacate the room asap as there was a 'queue of women waiting to give birth' (according to the midwife)! I think it's just hit and miss on what will be a busy/quiet time, and wether you'd get a private room or not, so I wouldn't base a decision to go private/public on the room type - I would assume that you'll be on a public ward, and if you get a private room, then it's a bonus.
Jeidi Posts: 3128
Yeah thats makes sense, a priate room is a bonus especially if you have a happy healthy baby!
Hepburn Posts: 4081
I'd say about nine months after the christmas season is busiest.... :o0
alton Posts: 3077
I imagine there must be a census/ statistical record kept on the number of births each month. I would hazard a guess that there are certain peak periods for conception like christmas maybe, when people have time off work and are fed up of watching re-runs of old movies on TV :o0
workingmom Posts: 3429
I believe they are crazy busy in December with the paddy's day babies being born!
smurf77 Posts: 2216
The busiet months are June, July and August every year. I used to work in a hospital and they were the months according to the stats!