are these a good doppler?

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mrsp2010 Posts: 1461 ... 1833wt_698 you rent them for tenner a month says u can hear from 10-12 weeks has anyone used this make or company? dont want to get it and it be a waste a money! even a tenner is precious these days!!
Littlepud Posts: 945
i bought one of these ones from this seller on ebay and it works perfect. you get a rechargable battery with it but i havent needed to charge it yet. sound is very clear on it too ... 27bac21924
sunny505 Posts: 1807
Dunno about that one. I got the Angelsounds one for about €35 and I love it. It is just when you haven't felt much movement or you're worried cos you think you might have overdone it, it gives you great peace of mind. I'd buy it though rather than pay a tenner a month. Just be careful you don't start using it too early. I know lots claim they work from really early on but they dont and even your GP won't listen for the heartbeat too early. I didn't use mine before 25 weeks. And now I use it maybe four or five times a month just for reassurance.