Arnica - when to take?

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Hokey Cokey Posts: 4816
Does anyone know when you should start taking Arnica to help with post-birth healing? Do you have to wait until after the birth or can you start taking it beforehand? :thnk
JanuB Posts: 42
I was told by the girl in Holland and Barrett that I could start taking arnica (tablet form) about 2 days before baby is born... I don't know how you'd be supposed to figure out the birth date espacially if its your first!!! Another friend told me to wait until babs is born, so I'm taking that advice.. [url=][img:iwmxie5y][/img:iwmxie5y][/url:iwmxie5y]
twinklegirl Posts: 716
I was also told that golden nugget of information to take it a few days before the labour :o0 :o0 I might just start taking it anyhow as it is perfectly harmless and its really supposed to help. How are you Hokey?