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bpjon Posts: 142
Hi All, Just wondering if many of you are having champagne for your arrivals reception...I have a fruit punch included in my package but just have it a back of my mind that champagne would be class too....cant decided though and will have about 200 at wedding so it will cost few pound !! Also, are many of you having pre reception music? My church singer will do it for €200 but again I cant decide agghhh....
buddylove Posts: 3288
Hi We are having sparkling wine and canape reception as part of the package we are getting with the hotel. Also teas and coffees etc as well. I met the coordinator the other day and they are going to throw in a musician as well now so we are thrilled. I wouldn't bother paying the E200 for your singer to come though as people spend the time on arrival chatting, checking in, mingling around, going to the loo etc so it won't be missed. In this day and age a 200 person reception would be considered large so I would chance asking the hotel to do the sparking wine as alot of hotels are doing that free of charge now. Its worth asking! Again I have been to lots of weddings where this was part of it. I love it because I love a bit of bubbly but not alot of it gets drank imo as older people just want tea and men want a beer or something usually. Thats just my experience anyways
Sodapop Posts: 3220
Hi there, we had champagne straight after the ceremony. We had no music before the ceremony - everyone was getting acquainted with everyone else and they were busy with that - they could get themselves a drink at the bar if they wanted. We had music straight after the ceremony (sax player) and champers - and everyone was toasting us - it was lovely!
Jawl Posts: 8881
We have a champagne toast included in our wedding package. We have opted to have it on arrival, as I think it is nice to be greeted with some form of alcohol. There will also be tea & coffee, mini muffins and as it's a winter wedding, little expesso cups of home made soup to heat people up.
curlysu Posts: 811
I'd definitely go for sparkling wine (like prosecco, cava, or crement) rather than real champagne - not many people will care, or even be able to tell the difference, and all you want is something bubbly ;-) I won't be doing music during the reception, while it would be nice to have, i found it quite expensive !
Char27 Posts: 376
I'm having sparkling wine on arrival too but the hotel advised only to order for around 75% as not everyone will drink it. We decided not to have the music either but are we'll do a cd of lovey dovey songs to play in the background
Daisy Row Posts: 3650
Our hotel is providing a punch with tea and coffee and I'm adding in some canopes for people to nibble on. I do like the idea of champagne but not sure it would be worth it in my case as not many of my family & friends are big champagne drinkers. We've gone for music but as I got a discount the pianist only came to €125 so I didn't mind mpaying that.