Asking guests for their choice of Main on the RSVP?

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Ramona Posts: 83
Hi everyone, My wedding is abroad and my hotel will not give me the option to have a choice of main course on the day however they will allow the option of meat and fish as long as i tell them how many want meat and how many want fish a couple of weeks before the wedding. As the wedidng is abroad I am going to ask people to RSVP me a few months before the wedding so I am a bit worried that they will forget what option they chose for the day and it will end up in disater... Have any of you ever been asked what you would prefer to eat on your RSVP cards? Is it ok to only have a meat option (beef) on the day and maybe just ask the guest on the RSVP if they are vegetarians? Thanks R
chaos Posts: 1904
hi there, my brother got married abroad a few years ago and the same thing, we all had to decide 3 weeks before what we wanted to eat. so he did up a spreadsheet, and when he got to the hotel a few days before wedding he gave it to them again, (had previously been emailed) and then on his place cards on the table he had "Jane - M" on them eg name of person and either M for meat or F for fish. that way the hotel just put the dinner in front of the person, and it worked out grand.