Avent steriliser 6 hrs or 24 hrs?

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Bridget Posts: 539
Hi, Just wanted opinions on the steriliser for baby bottles. Would 6 or 24 hr be best? We don't have microwave, so we are going for electric steam steriliser. Would you use the 24 hr option on the steriliser? The 6 hr steriliser seems fine, but once you open the steriliser, you have to resterilise everything again. The midwives say that you should make up each bottle of feed fresh, just before using it, but I would like to have a bottle prepared in the fridge overnight for baby, so I am not sterilising & making up feed, & baby crying. I know it won't matter for the first few months, as I will be at home, but I might be going back to work after the 26 weeks, probably after a few weeks unpaid anyway. What do you think?
frangipani Posts: 1543
i can't say i have actual experience yet, but funny this, as i was told at the antenatal class that while ideally you should make up every bottle fresh, it was far more practical just to get into the routine of making up the bottles for the day in the morning, and therefore just to get the 6 hour steam steriliser set with the bottles and bottle brush included instead of the 24 hour one. i'm going to give BF a shot, but got a 6 hour steriliser in case it doesn't work out. a classic example of conflicting advice, i think! Both ways obviously work, just a case of seeing which method suits you best i'd say! i'm sure there are plenty of people who have practical experience of both ways to give you an idea.
theoracle Posts: 7664
TBH, I was never that strict. I would sterilise the bottles for the next 24 hours (ie 6 bottles), fill them with freshly boiled water, live them on the counter and than add formula as and when needed. In my experience this was just grand and my girls were never sick or colicky or anything like that. It was just an ordinary steam steriliser, not aware of this 6hr v 24hr craic.