Babies: How many to you want?

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Skippy Posts: 1834
Ok so I am touching wood as I type this cause I do not want to tempt fate, but I am really curious to know how many children people are thinking about having. I think I would like four!!!! But considering I am ttc at 30 I have proably left it a bit late. DH only wants 2, and my friend 3. I have this theory that the amount of children we want is determined by how many siblings we had. In my case I was 1 of 4 , DH 1 of 2, my friend was 1 of 3. What about ye??? How many do ye want? And do ye think I could squeeze in 4 before 40?!!!
bellabella Posts: 2750
Oh skippy.I love this topic.i would love to have 4 before i am 30 and if any accidents happen after that i would be thrilled I hope it will happen.
Christmas B Posts: 6191
I'm the same as you Skippy, I'd love to have 4 children!! :D Both myself & H2B come from a family of 4 kids too!! I'm going to the doctor today at lunch to get my rubella level checked!! Very exciting doing things for the health of a future baby (please God)!! I can't wait to be pregnant and join this form!! :D
Smugmarried Posts: 705
I'd like 3. Would definitely like more than 2 - all going well, of course. 4 might be a bit of a stretch though!
Hepburn Posts: 4081
I would like 3 and so would H2b. He is one of 5, and I am one of four. I do agree that people from smaller families seem more comfortable with the idea of maybe only having one or two children, whereas I am looking forward to the chaos that a larger family brings. I am 32 now, and would like to have all my child baring done by the age of 35, but I relaise that you just can't plan these things precisely. get going and i reckon you could def squeeze 4 in....... :D
Skippy Posts: 1834
Bellabella 4 before 30? you must be only a wee young girl! I was terrified to get preggers before 30, actually I still am, but going to go for it anyway. Please God, there will be 4 babies in my future! Got my rubella levels checked a few months back, I never knew they could fall until my Dr told me. But I am good to go on that score anyhow!
AVENGER Posts: 4595
I would love 2.
charmed Posts: 105
Well I'm one of 7 so I won;t be following your trend!!!!! :lol: Would love to have 2
Sart Posts: 441
[quote:2utix0ar]Well I'm one of 7 so I won;t be following your trend!!!!! :lol: Would love to have 2[/quote:2utix0ar] and I'm one of 9!!! But I'd love 4 - two boys and two girls. I found the relationship I have with my brothers is different (but no less fabulous) than the one I have with my sisters. I'd like my kids to experience that special bond. nantes - I'm with you on the chaos - xmas in our house is manic but amazing. belle- 4 before you're 30? WOW.... I'll be 32 having my first and intend to aim for 4 before 40.
bellabella Posts: 2750
Well girls i'll have one first and see how it goes.hahhaaha Well i am nearly 25 so maybe 4 b4 i am 30 is unrealistic but i will enjoy the practice ;)