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shells08 Posts: 101
hi wollies just wondering if any of u have used the baby einstein CDS before and after birth. i got the lullaby collection as a gift from my cousin during the week and have been playing it none stop. She's bought one for all her friends who had babies and they swear by them. apparently if you play it regularly around the house, or even just in the car it becomes a familiar sound and when the baby is born its helpful for sleep time and soothing as they recognise it. just keen to hear if any of you other mums 2 b are using them or if they've been of any help in the past.
Heavenleigh Posts: 1406
Shells...someone mentioned the baby einstein dvd´s on here when DS was around 8 the whole set of 26 DVD´s on ebay for him - there are different ones for each age group and also a lullaby one - he loves them!!! I think you could also use them for smaller babies also - sorry I cant be of any more help regarding that lullaby CD - but I always put a wee musical teddy on my bump when I was pregnant and midwife told me the same - that he would recognize it right away after being born - so I would say go for it!