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mini Posts: 18
hi can anyone recommend what to do re 'bacne'. i sometimes get a few on my back but as my wedding dress is lowish at the back i am a bit worried about it. i have started having back facials (just had 1 so far) and am using Clinique spray as well. any other ideas/experiences? thanks a mil!
Sunnyshine Posts: 753
My back used to be quite bad and it just happened that I started using Sanex shower gel and I've never had a problem since. I don't use it anymore and it may just have been a coincidence but it certainly helped.
amalfi Posts: 191
Try a good loofa and neutrogena body wash.
shiraz Posts: 770
I find I get spots on my back from fake tan especially the salon ones.I presume there is extra oil or something in fake tan?So mabe(if you do use fake tan?)-lay off it for a while.I also find a loofa excellent for my back. Hope this helps :wv
sooty Posts: 200
exfoliate. simple do a good shower gel / exfoliator.
Gabby Posts: 2873
I use the sanctuary salt scrub and it gets rid of al the little bumps and spots
Bee Posts: 88
Hey Mini, There is a good chance your hair conditioner could be clogging pores. I noticed I only got back spots under where my hair fell no matter what the length I had it. I tie my hair back after putting in the conditioner and give my back a good washing but when you rinse it out it'll still get some conditioner on it so another alternative which I find good is to use a spray conditioner when dressed after every second wash. It seems to work, I get very few nasties on my back now. VO5 have a great spray conditioner. Bee