Bad diet = big babies????

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tras Posts: 1460
Is there a link between your diet and the size of your baby???? Am pretty healthy but am hitting the chocolate a bit.... my bump is fairly big now for 17 weeks, I haven't really put on weight anywhere else but a friend told me that eating too much when you're pregnant means you'll have a big baby. Always thought it was more of a genetic thing but I suppose it kind of makes sense. Don't care how big I get as long as the baby is healthy, but nowI'm a bit stressed that I'm making my poor baby fat with my daily treats........
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
Mad for he choc myself :-8 but I'm not too worried that I'm doing any harm to the baby. Although now that you say it I remember reading about some woman who gave birth to a huge baby and she said she ate and ate and ate throughout the pregnancy.. so maybe it does make a difference.
charli Posts: 5994
i have a big bump - am 31 weeks and am measuring about 2 weeks ahead but have only 22lbs put on and am eating well, healthily but lots of treats too i was the same on my DD and she was only just 7lbs but this baby will be 8-8 half lbs dont think that has any real impact on the size of the baby - i could imagine it to have implications on how much weight overall you put on but not on babs!
bibikay Posts: 644
Hi, Well, maybe what your friend was referring to was gestational diabetes? Obesity is one of the [u:2d0r9rqa]possible [/u:2d0r9rqa]causes of gestational diabetes, which in turn can result in the baby being bigger than normal. So, if we put on excessive amounts of weight (i.e. become obese) during pregnancy, then there is a possibility of bigger baby. This in turn can result in things like difficult birth, birth injury to baby due to size, lung problems etc. (Do a google on "gestational diabetes") So, something to think about!. Mind you, when I was guzzling down 3 dinners one day during early pregnancy, I wasn't thinking too much about the above! :-8 Mind you, the weight gain has slowed down considerably now, and I've remained at only 1st weight gain for the last 4 weeks, TG!) HTH!
MissieGold Posts: 1124
My GN said its 80% genetic from the mother, 10% father and 10% diet/environment,
jellybaby Posts: 2316
With DD I was sick as a dog for most of the pregnancy. I barely managed to eat for the first 18 weeks at all, and what I did eat came back up almost immediately :-8. Once the ms eased I was still off food for the entire pregnancy and only ate what I had to to keep me going. I couldn't face chocolate or anything like that, so it was all fairly healthy stuff for me......and DD was 9lbs and HUGE! So I don't think your diet is going to have too much influence over baby's size.
missc Posts: 875
I hope it doesnt make a fat baby cos i have been stuffing my face for months now :o0 :o0 Am fairly slim anyway but have been doing no exercise since pregnancy and am still eating normally ie. chocolate, KFC, chipper mixed in with meat and veg proper dinners of course :o0 :o0