baskets in toilets?

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shorty 08 Posts: 358
Yay or nay? Also what to put in them?? Thanks!
hot lips Posts: 453
Was at a wedding recently had deodrant, mints and plasters in it - Thought it was real good idea. But then heard one of bridal parties giving out cos mints went missing!! :o0 She was going mad, felt like saying relax probably only cost a euro or something
mentalrebel Posts: 1603
lovely idea but i think it is just another thing to worry about!!!
hot lips Posts: 453
Unless your Bmaid wanted to do it. Wouldnt worry about it most people have their own bits in their bag.
b2bdec08 Posts: 470
Heya I ot the idea on here and I love it!!It took me aut 30 mins one day to buy the stuff and about 40euro max!Ceap basket from heatons,tissue paper and there you are! Can't rem everything I have for it but have the following for the ladies Min bottles of perfume-asked pharmacy for loadsa samples hand cream brown clips tights-tan coloured from pennys in 3 dif sizes, you get 2 pairs in pk I think so first one with the ladders wins them :o0 tic tacs from lidl rennie deo lollipops from tesco hairbrush clear nail varnish smal samples of make up-y'know when you get a free gift with lancome etc and they give you small mascara etc Can't think of what else I have in it but if you do a search here you should find loadza ideas for the boys I'm putting in mints,rennies, small aftershave and gel shots from bryllcream and deo. Hope this helps :wv
sweet cheeks Posts: 1119
To be honest its just another thing to worry about and i'm not bothering. What i am doing thought is putting scented candles in the ladies. I just love the smell.
delgirl Posts: 1706
My bridesmaid made tyhese for me and the guests loved the idea. I put in: ladies: Hair clips Tampons Sanitary Towels Headache tablets (these went quick) Indigestion tablets Tissues Deoderant Wipes Bobbins Clear nail polish (tight problems) Mints Hair spray Men Headachie tablets Indigestion tablets deoderant tissues mints hair gel
Toblerone Posts: 2698
i know it sounds like a great idea but to be honest another €40 -50 is still another expense and i'm sure my guests will be able to sort themselves out. It's these little things that are really putting up the budget - i keep forgetting that on their own they don't cost alot but when all added together it is pricey. JMO :wv
bangel Posts: 2285
Just make sure that if there are children that you leave the tablets at reception and just put a note saying they are available from there on the basket. We are doing this, haven;t got much worked out though. See this thread; ... p?t=137308
mrsnearlythere Posts: 474
I think it is a great idea, will definitely be doing this as well! don't forget superglue for when those false nails fall off!