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Singstar Posts: 323
I just wrote out a to do list and its a page and a half long. As you can see from my ticker I've 2 months to go but a hell of a lot of work to do. Every time I mention little things that need to be done to H2B he makes me feel like I'm hasseling him ( He's really laid back about the whole thing) I'm starting to feel the stress, think I'll have to go and buy some rescue remedy. Anyway going to get cracking on my list tomorrow cos time is just whizzing by.
frangipani Posts: 1543
Do you have bridesmaids Singstar?. I'm sure they'd jump in and give you a hand if needed!.
Singstar Posts: 323
Yeah have 2 my sisters and they are great. Alot of the stuff only I can do though but i will delegate what I can
frangipani Posts: 1543
That's great that it's your sisters and that they're helpful! My h2b is very laidback as well - i know what you mean by that - "it'll all fall into place, it'l be grand". When I'm stressing about something it can bug me if he's all relaxed and seemingly indifferent - then it happens and goes off without a hitch, and then i realise that's one of the reasons I love him so much, that he doesn't let anything phase him!. I'm a worrier - are you? What do you need a hand with? Can I be of help?
Singstar Posts: 323
Thanks Summerbride08 Yeah I am a worrier come from a long line of stressheads. Unusually I have been doing fine with the wedding and worrying about it up till last night when I saw the list. I feel a bit better this morning. I'm going to show the girls the list and also H2b to see if we can get cacking on it. Thanks again for your lovely supporting words.
Gabby Posts: 2873
I am in the same boat singstar my to do list is feckin massive aswell and a lot of the things only I can do myself but am just going to take one thing at a time. Last night I ordered the wax seals thingys for my invites and the garter which I may or may not wear. Told H2B for the 100th time to ring his parish priest and have this confirmation cert sent to the priest who is marrying us and will call him again today to remind him cos he is feckin useless. And hoping to bring my dad and brother in for their suit fittings so can knock that off the list too. There is just so much to do but I find if you take it one thing at a time it will get done.