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belfastbride10 Posts: 21
Hi girls, I’m new to this forum, but was hoping that some of you lovely ladies could offer me some advice and tips. I am getting married in May, and have the venue, priest and band booked, but that’s it so far. I’m from Belfast, but am getting married in Co.Louth, so haven’t a clue about local suppliers such as florists, photographers or cars, so any advice would be much appreciated.
Penny_Bride2Be Posts: 254
Hi, I'm getting married in Cavan so maybe we could keep in touch about suppliers. To be honest, given you are from Belfast, I'd be getting all my flowers, bands, photgrapher etc from up there- that's what I am doing- they are still heaps cheaper than most of the southern suppliers from the calls I've made and given that you are only just at the border, they seem more than happy to travel. Where have you booked for? Penny
belfastbride10 Posts: 21
Wev'e booked the Four Seasons in Carlingford. My h2b's from Dublin so we wanted to book somewhere 'neutral' for both our families. I had originally been sourcing bands from the south, but they were working out at double the price of northern bands given the euro exchange rate at the min, so we got a good belfast band. I have booked a church singer from dublin, and my family have been having heeart attacks when I say how much she costs.
Penny_Bride2Be Posts: 254
We went to see the Four Seasons- their function room is totally fabulous!! The difference in prices over the border is incredible isn't it! What band did you go for? We haven't booked that yet.
belfastbride10 Posts: 21
I loved the balcony in the function room, as the view is gorgeous, but im starting to have second thoughts now about booking there. We had originally wanted cabra castle in Cavan which I absolutely loved, but they were insisting on us having 150 guests for a Fri or Sat wedding, and we've only about 120 going, so we had to book elsewhere. When and where are u getting married?
evalena Posts: 1130
I was at a wedding at the weekend and someone told me 4 seasons charge a fortune for corkage. Try negotiate with them on that one. I can give you details of car hire in Co Down if you pm me. He'll travel to C'ford.