Big bride, getting depressed

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July17bride Posts: 6
I'm a big bride (17 stone, normal dress size 22), and I've just reached the point where I have to order my wedding dress to get it in time for the wedding. I'm finding this very depressing - I've been engaged for almost 2 years and never got myself in gear to lose weight properly (I lost a stone during the summer last year, but haven't lost anything since). I had always thought that I would be a thinner bride, and I bought a size 12 gown in a sale off the rack (for 120 euro!) which I was sure I'd fit into, but now it just taunts me in the cupboard. I don't know what I was thinking - I've never been less than a size 16. So, now I'm thinking that I have six months left before the wedding, and my options are to: a) stay the size I am now b) try to lose more over the coming months, and hope that the dress can be taken in (it's Big Beautiful Bride style Primrose http://www.bigbeautifulbridescollection ... imrose.jpg - does anyone know how much this could be taken in by?) c) order the dress in a size or two smaller than I currently am, and make sure I lose the weight d) order the dress, and if I manage to lose more than the dress can be altered by, then buy something off the rack, accepting it won't be ideal Any suggestions please? I'm really sick at myself for not doing something about this sooner
NemoFish Posts: 2501
Is the dress a corset back or a zip? See if you can get it made with a corset back, then order it two sizes too small. Corset dresses can fit a size down and up, so there is realistically a 3 size range on it. I ordered mine online, in a size too small. I tried it on, and it fits, and it will still fit if (WHEN) I lose weight. Meant to say - its a beautiful dress.
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
Awe honey, don't be getting yourself down over your dress size, what matters most to everyone on the big day is your happiness not what size your dress is. Your going to look unbelievable no matter what size you wear so my advice is to by the dress in your size now and if you loose weight it can be altered but at least you wont be putting yourself under any unnecessary pressure, this is your big day so celebrate is :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
July17bride Posts: 6
Thanks Seashelly - yes its a corset back. That's a great idea - means that if I do get back to a size 16 (which I'd be thrilled with) then it would still be good.
July17bride Posts: 6
Thanks fisherman's bride - you also have a good point, but I really can't face thinking about myself like this in wedding photos... gah!
gouganebride09 Posts: 557
Hi I have a lovely dress size 22 corset back that I am selling..I am based in Louth ..if you are interested please pm me you. You will look fantastic no matter what!!! You want to be enjoying the build up to your big day not starving yourself...with the right dress...undergarments, etc you will look great. A good photographer can shoot you at your most flattering and give you tips on how to stand etc etc
coolkeevs Posts: 483
hey there, I know how u feel, i got really pi$$ed of when looking for my wedding dress,infact i ordered mine ust to get it outof the way,kinda regret it now but iknow ill look good on my day,so thats keeping me going. To be honest with you i think you are best to order the dress in the size that you are now, that way u arent depressed or putting too much pressure on yourself to lose weight. thats what ive done,ive lost a bit so far but ive done so in the knowledge that the dress fits me, but am happy enuf for the dress to be taken in when the time comes!! :-8 hope this helps.
billygate Posts: 952
you will be a beautiful bride cos you will be so happy i was a similiar size when i got married have a look at my pics if you like username collinsmulledy, password shrekandfiona if you like dress i am selling so drop me a pm dont be worrying x
Perfect Day NI Posts: 496
Defo buy it the size you are now. Have u tired on this dress?? Bxx
jenston Posts: 54
Hey my dear....don't be getting depressed over your weight and's meant to be the happiest time of your life!!! I was the same as you got engaged this time last yr and set a date for august 2010 i had myself convinced i'd loose a load of weight which i didn't/haven't....i didn't want to go lookin at dresses for ages after the 1st bridal shop i went into the lady said she didn't get dresses in in "MY SIZE"!!! and asked me if i'd like to squeeze (literally) into a size 14 dress to get an idea!!! i was like my leg wudn't even fit in that!!! :yelrotflmaosmilie: But then a girl at work told me to try Ruben Bridal in kildare which i put off calling for ages but was i glad i did call and make an appointment eventually!!! i went down one wkend to have a look! they only stock plus bridal gowns so you have loads to choose from and to try on it was great i tried on about 15 dresses altogether!!! And i fell in love with my dress there and then!!! the girls are lovely down there really normal not offering me a size 14 to squeeze into!!! so my dress is ordered and its a corset so fingers crossed if i loose any weight between now and august it's a bonus and i know i'll feel a million dollars either way!!! Thats all thats important that u feel great on your big day!!! and your hubby 2b loves you just the way you are so dont be stressing over weight you'll prob end up stress eating!!! hope this helps you! you'll look a million dollars anyway Jen***('',)