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Blueeyes79 Posts: 405
Thanks Satine, I know what you mean don't know how we got through the 10 months, nervous wreck to say the least. Happy out now ;-) Hope your baby girl is thriving O-O :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
Twirl Posts: 5598
i realise its a little negative from what happened so ill leave it for another day maybe.
Twirl Posts: 5598
Sorry if that looks odd, all was great and mammy and baby are doing great. YOu all probably think im a weirdo now.
Sassypants Posts: 4461
Twirl, I read your story. I don't think it's negative at all. I think it's true to life and stories like that make us realise that we don't all get the "dreamy birth" that we would like. I wanted to go to hospital when I was 7-10cm dilated, have the baby, bf straight away and go home. Verrrrrry different. If you feel comfortable, I think you should put your story back up. If you don't feel comfortable then obviously don't but I think it would help a lot of people. Congrats on your little man, such a great time (nerve wracking too!)
Mrs W Posts: 2923
Only getting round to doing mine now I was all set for the mlu, wanted an active natural birth etc. I had 2 sweeps with no movement and even up until the Wednesday at 1pm I still thought I'd go naturally! I had my first dose of gel and then walked miles around the corridors, had another dose that night and didn't even have a single cramp. The next morning I brought down to the labour ward and my waters were broke about 10am, walked the corridors again but every so often I'd get another gush of water so went back and bounced on the ball instead, slippers were soaking! They started the drip at 12 and I had my first contraction about a quarter past, they came quick and fast after that, I couldn't believe the midwife kept turning it up, I was in bits!! I was dead set against an epidural but by half 3 I had the tens on constant boost, I was guzzling the gas and air even when I didn't have a contraction. The midwife mentioned it again and I agreed, I'm terrified of needles and the thoughts of it going into my spine etc but it was just magic, I take back all I said about it! I had a lovely midwife and a student PHN who stayed with me the whole day, after the epi I was off my head and we talked about dogs for hours. About 6pm the midwife examined me and said I was 3cm.... I was so disappointed til she said she was only messing because I was 10! She went for her break and we started pushing when she came back. We were going well and then dd heart rate started dropping a minute after contractions, they called the doc in and they tried the kiwi and then forceps, my beautiful little girl was born at 7.34pm The midwife sent the student out to get another midwife in but she didn't know anyone's names so just called for anyone to come, they thought there was something wrong so we ended up with about ten in the room! She went straight onto the boob and stayed there while I had my stitches, I couldn't stop looking at her, she's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen and I can't believe she's mine. Next time I will suggest they put a nappy on her first though because I was absolutely destroyed, it all dried in and took layers of skin off with the scrubbing! I've had 2 mc, the last one was one year and a day before she was born so it was strange being in the same hospital knowing that. My 2 little angels were looking over us that day and even though I didn't have the birth I'd planned I'd do it all again in the morning. Poor hubby is more traumatised than I am!
ttc2012 Posts: 661
Twirl i didnt6 get to read your story but put it up, we cant all cough a baby out!
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RainbowNinja Posts: 4437
A lot of my story is a bit of a blur so there's probably loads missing and some is just what DH told me but here goes Due date Wednesday 10th.. Monday afternoon, one of my friends called over for a cuppa, got a sharp pain in my back when she was there. Had to get up off the couch and sit on the ball, and felt ok again a few minutes later. As the afternoon went on, I just didn't feel right, didn't have any pains or anything. Went to bed for a few hours. That night, got a few niggly cramps but not too bad and was able to go asleep no problem Tuesday morning, got up, felt fine, went and did some food shopping, came home and sat down to eat an apple and started feeling very uncomfortable. Sat on the ball for a few minutes but still didn't feel right so went to bed (Up to this point, everyone was telling me that I was still very high so was bound to go over due date) Started getting mild cramps about 12 o clock. Put on the tens machine and turned on the gentlebirthing CDs and snoozed for the afternoon. Cramps coming all day but they weren't bad at all, had way worse period cramps dH came home from work about half six. Cramps were still not too bad but were coming about 3 minutes apart. I told him sonething was up, as if they are coming this close together, its nearly time, but they weren't that painful at all After a while, He rang the hospital and told them about the cramps and they said to come in to get checked just in case No sooner had he the phone hung up and the pains started getting real bad. He had to help me get dressed as it was that bad The 20 minute drive to the hospital was torture, but we stil thought it was a false alarm for some reason. Got to hospital about 9pm to be told there's no beds available in the labour ward and to wait in the waiting room. The waiting room was tiny and there was a whole family in there waiting on someone in labour, so we waited out in the corridor. At this stage, I couldn't sit or stand, so was lying on the ground in the corridor (only realised the next Day that it was the corridor in the middle of the maternity floor and there was me lying on the floor!), god knows what people thought, as I'm sure people were walking by When they finally brought us into the labour ward, the midwife was getting ready to examine me and asked about pain relief. I said I had come in with an open mind but the pain was bad, so I wanted the epidural. She examined me and goes it's a bit late for the epidural, you are fully dilated. I'd say the blood drained out of mine and DHs faces at that stage, and DH said I said but I want the epidural but just not as polite as that. DH kept saying, just think of your videos (he meant the gentle birthing CDs!) I remember the midwife saying something along the lines of your baby might be here in the next 10 minutes! Midwife broke my waters at this stage. i asked DH were they clear and he told a little white lie and said they were. we had watched plenty of episodes of OBEM and they always seemed to panic a bit when the waters weren't clear and DH didn't want to worry me. . Started pushing at ten to ten. The only pain relief I had was the gas but didn't find it good at all. I found the pushing ok but the pressure in my stomach after each push lifted me off the bed with the pain.this went on for an hour, tried different positions - standing up, on my side, but no luck After an hour, the doctor came and she tried suction I don't remember much of this stage but seemingly they had put a needle in my hand for some reason, don't know was it a drip or what, but it fell out and DH said there was blood everywhere! Also the bed started moving up and down on its own at one stage which was freaky! The suction wasnt working either, it actually came off at one stage. There was an almighty pop when that happened and LO had an open wound on his head because of it At this stage, there was 3 midwifes, DH and the doctor telling me to push At 11.20 the doctor decided that I would have to go for a emergency c section as baby was positioned the wrong way. I turned to the midwife and said does that mean I can get pain relief and she said yes and I was so relieved! The doctor came in to explain the procedure and to get me to sign, I would have signed anything at that stage. They also gave me sonething to drink, haven't a clue what it was for, but midwife couldn't believe how quick I knocked it back, but anything to get to threatre quickly! The journey down to the theatre felt so long, I pity the porter and the patients who had to hear my screams! Once we got to threaten I was given the epidural and OMG the relief! The pain stopped straight away. It seemed like ages before DH was allowed in. He had to wait outside to see if the epidural worked, if it didn't they would have to give me a general anastectic and he wouldn't have been allowed in Once he was in and seated beside my head, it was literally 30 seconds and we heard a cry! Couldn't believe how quick the section was! At 11.49pm baby boy was born weighing 9lb 3oz! Baby was brought over for us to look at, DH held him for a minute and then he was brought over for me to give him a kiss and then him and DH were brought back to maternity when I went to recovery. I started shaking so much, don't know was it shock or a reaction to the epidural but it took them a while to get my blood pressure so was in recovery for a good while. Next thing a midwife came back to say baby had started grunting and so was brought to special care overnight I was brought back up to the room to DH. We were both in shock at how quick it all was. Hardly slept that night at all, due to shock and being On a high. Didn't get to see baby again until after 12 midday the next day, was dying to go see him. Everytime a midwife came into the room, I was begging her to tell me when could I go see him He was in SC for 4 days in the end as he picked up an infection during the birth, and that was hard, being in a public ward and being the only one with no baby beside her, but it definitely helped with my recovery as I was able to rest, and could go see him in SC whenever I wanted and they would ring me everytime he needed to be feed. We're home now a week and a half and starting to get settled in at home, and I really love him to pieces, could stare at him all day! And would do it all in a heartbeat again, only next time, would go to the hospital earlier for pain relief! Thanks for reading, sorry its so long! RN x
Mrs W Posts: 2923
Lovely story RN, I laughed out loud at the bed going up and down on its own! They're just so amazing though, aren't they?
looneytoon Posts: 181
RainbowNinja Posts: 4437
God looney, that's mad!