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ttc2012 Posts: 661
Thats mad Loney, were yous the sae hospital too? Congrats RN, i remeber shaking after my emergency section and i said "im shivering but im not cold" they said it was a bit of shock and wrapped me in blankets! Glad you are recovering well and your little man is settling in at home
sunny1 Posts: 995
Here's the story of how my little girl arrived into the world. About 2 weeks before my due date I woke up 3 nights in a row with crampy pains that were like mild contractions. They were coming every 10-15 mins I think and Id be awake for about 3 hours with it. I knew this was probably just body gearing up for labour and sister said she had experienced same thing so I didnt ever feel it was real labour especially as the pains never got worse. On the fourth night of these pains I woke up at 3am with same pains again so got up and went downstairs to pass some time. I was a bit uneasy as pains were a little bit worse. I was timing them just incase but the pains werent regular at all. Before I went back to bed I said Id call maternity hosp and ask their opinion as Im 45 mins from hosp. Midwife said it didnt sound like labour and she said pains would need to be about 7 mins apart before Id consider it to be real labour and to go in. I agreed with her, hung up and got back into bed. As we have ds I was wondering if I should call my mother to come over just incase but I didnt want to be wasting her time as she is 30 min drive from us. At about 4am I felt the pains were getting worse so dh called my mother to come over. She arrived at about 4:40am and I sat in kitchen in pain wondering if I should go to hosp or not. I really didnt want to be sent home after false alarm. When I told dh I was going to get sick he said "Oh God you're in labour" and he packed my bags and me into the car. I had put on tens machine before I got into car and Im glad I did as pains were very intense. I also was getting sick in organised dh had a sick bag for me :o0 When I got to hosp dh dropped me at the door and in between pains I walked into admissions and was examined and put on trace. I just kept asking if I was in labour. The midwife laughed and said "you certainly are. you're 7cm dilated". I paniced a bit as I told her I needed the epidural and she was to organise it immediately. When she told me itd be too late for epi I burst into tears. My dh was sent for and told he was going to be a daddy very soon. So I was wheeled up to labout ward at about 5:30am crying the whole way up telling everyone who would listen that I wasnt going to cope without epidural... I have to say I had the nicest midwife ever. She took control from the first moment and showed me how to use gas and air properly and she held my hand while I breathed through contractions. I felt she knew what she was doing and she knew how I felt. She really helped me focus. At 5:55 my waters broke and I started pushing. I didnt need to be told, my body was doing everything at the right time. It just knew what to do. The urge to push was out of this world. It was bloody sore but I felt in control. I got horrendous burning pain for few seconds and thought I was going to die but that sensation was gone very fast and I suddenly felt my little baby slide out into the world at 6am. My gorgeous little girl was placed on my chest and she started sucking her thumb like ds straight away.She was the image of ds and it was just such a lovely feeling. I was in shock and I just kept saying "Oh thank God Oh thank God". Dh was crying beside me and I just felt so so relaxed and content..a moment you'd love to bottle :lvs
ttc2012 Posts: 661
Wowsers, lucky u called ur mam over when u did! Fair play to u, no epi and all so quick, love hearing it :-) Congrats
maxicosi Posts: 576
Love reading all of these stories :) congrats to all
MrsBig10 Posts: 2074
All these birth stories are lovely. I've been reading them for months & what amazing stories. My turn now!!! :o0 Right where do I begin... We married at the start of last summer & to be honest NEVER thought that we'd conceive so quickly. We fond out that we were pregnant at the end of July 12. Had the usual morning/all day sickness up until 16 weeks. Was sailing through it until Christmas & I ached from top to toe, backs hips etc. & was signhed off work late january. I had been having reflexology all through my pregnancy & can say hand on heart it was the reason that I was so calm in the the delivery suite. From week 34 I was in & out of hospital due to preclampsia. March 19th Week 38 - I had my usual clinic & my consultant said "right enough is enough, going to induce you tmrw morning". So on 20th March after a sleepless night I had gel no 1 @7am & a 2nd gel @1.30pm. Things started to happen - cramps like period pains from 4pm. Had a bath, bounced on exercise ball & slept until 7pm & had a meltdown with hubby - bless him. A Midwife I know felt sorry for me as I had no sleep due to a roommate who did nothing but snore the previous night >:o( She brought me down to a delivery suite at 9.15pm, gave me a shot of pethadine for the pain & said it'd help me sleep. And girls sleep I did! Hubb was sent home to rest & both of us thought nothing would be happening til the next day. Baby had different ideas!!! At 230am I woke up with dull cramps, went to the loo & had a show. Buzzed the midwife to get her to double check. She confirmed it was & examined me & I was 3cm. We discussed pain relief & I said I'd like an epi. Things started to get a bit painful & I was introduced to the joys of gas & air...great stuff :o0 Midwife told me to phone hubby & just before he arrived, I was examined @350am & was 7cm. I was calm the whole way through, plus excited that things were happening so quickly! I had been listening to hypnobirthing CDs during my pregnancy & was using the techniques. Waters broke without me noticing, I was examined again & was 10cm around 415-430am. It was at this point that the epi guy arrived - which I didn't see, hubby said that the midwife looked at him & shook her head...he just backed out of the room :o0 Midwives told me that baby was coming quickly, I felt the urge to push & kiwi cap was prepared as they thought she was aggitated. The cap was placed on her head but hubby said that before the switched machine on, her head popped out & with the 3rd push, she was out so they didn't need it for much in the end. I pushed 3 times & she was placed on my chest at 4.46am with her eyes wide open!! We were elated & in shock! We couldn't believe she was here all 7lb 10oz of her. All in all,I'd a lovely calm birth & everything went smoothly. I had a 2nd degree tear & neded stitches but that was to be expected. We are so happy & blessed to have our little bundle here :lvs
maxicosi Posts: 576
Aww thats such a lovely story!!!! congrats! :o)ll
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Daisy Row Posts: 3650
I have found the birth stories helpful and enjoyed reading them so thought I would add one! Late last year hubby and I started talking about trying to conceive a second baby, our first was 3 at the time. By Christmas I had started with the OV tests etc and was just getting the hang of them when we conceived our baby on honeymoon in January! Very lucky that it happened so quickly. I found the pregnancy hard to conceal for two reasons, I started showing at around 9 weeks and by 12/13 weeks was struggling to cover the bump and the boobs!!! Also, I found I was just to excited for my family to know and at 9 weeks told our parents. The 'world' found out at 12 weeks. I had a very similar pregnancy to the first time with one major difference.......I had to look after a 4yr old while pregnant. A first pregnancy is so unique in that you can rest and do nothing when you want. The bump was much bigger much earlier on this pregnancy, so much so that I was worried it could be twins! Our 23 week scan confirmed there was just one baby in there and it was a boy, we were delighted. Unfortunately I suffered a 4th degree tear delivering my daughter so at around 26 weeks the consultant started talking to me about delivery and I was given the option of elective section. I knew straight away I didn't want it and that I wanted a vaginal delivery. Also around 26 weeks I started to develop SPD which was awful, struggled to walk and drive some days and I ended up wearing a strap and getting physio. It wasn't as severe as some cases but my god there were days I could cry from the pain, especially when I was getting up out of bed. We received some news at 28 weeks that was fairly devastating, hubby was being sent to Syria for 6 months and the trip was to start when I was 35 weeks pregnant and he would then miss the birth. Was in shock for a while but it's not the first time he has gone on a trip like this so I had to just accept it and make different plans. Based on this I decided to finish up work at 35 weeks instead of 38. The last 4 weeks were tough and exhausting on my own but thankfully my LO started school this year so I had a few hrs to myself in the morning to get some rest and organise baby stuff. I asked mam to come in for the delivery which she was delighted about. As a result of the 4th degree tear I was booked in for induction at 39+4, baby was measuring ahead size wise and doctors didn't want the baby to be too big or for me to go over. I went in to the Coombe at 6pm and it was 11pm when I got my first round of gel. I got cramps for a few hrs but they eventually wore off. At 10am I got another round of gel and it started to work straight away. I was getting strong contractions every 10mins, this continued till about lunchtime and then they got to about every 4/5 minutes. By 4pm I was struggling to walk as the contractions were so intense and coming every 2 mins. They checked and I was 2cm dilated. I walked as much as I could and used the ball which I found helpful. By 6pm the contractions where on top of each other, I was literaly coming down from one and going straight into another. They decided to move me to the delivery suite at 7pm although I was still only 2cm. They broke my waters at 7.15pm. I was stuck into the gas and air which really helped with contractions. By 9pm I was still struggling through and trying my best to avoid the epidural but when they checked me at 9.30pm and I was only 4cm I asked them for it. I was so exhausted I just needed a break from the contractions. By 11pm I was still only 4cm so doctor suggested oxycotin. At this stage I needed a top up of the epidural. At around 12.30am two strange things started to happen, I got indegestion which was weird as I hadn't eaten in 9hrs and I started to get a pain in my left side. It reminded me of a trapped wind feeling I used to get at night. The gas and air or the epidural did nothing to relieve the pain. The midwife, nurse and doctor where all a bit puzzled, mam said they were actually shrugging their shoulders at her when I was explaining the pain. They must have thought I was a crazy person :o0 Anyway, all of a sudden the doctor announces he can see the head and I was ready to push. I was in shock and so was mam, I was so exhausted at this stage and having only been 4cm at midnight I was starting to worry they would want to section me! Before I knew it there was 3 extra people in the room and I was being told to push! 4 minutes later and my beautiful son was born. Couldn't believe how fast it all happened in the end. They cleaned him up, weighed him and popped him under my nightdress for some skin to skin. It was unbelievable and such a different experience to my daughter who I didn't even get to hold till she was an hr old as I was whisked off to surgery straight after delivery. It was a very long day and at certain times I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel but oh my god it was so worth it. We were left on our own in the delivery suite from about 2 to half 3 which was such an amazing time. Me and mam could just take a breath after the long day, we had some tea and toast and just fell madly in love with the little guy. I also managed to get through to hubby in Syria to tell him the good news and send him on some pictures so he got to see him before anyone else did which I was really happy about. Just over 2 weeks have passed now and my own recovery has been amazing and again in comparison to the last time I feel great. My little man is doing brilliant and I could literally stare at him all day :heartbeat:
MrsBig10 Posts: 2074
Oh what a brilliant story!!! Congratulations on the birth of your son You did fab mama x
elle1 Posts: 263
What a lovely story these pregnancy emotions have me in tears here, Congratulations on your little boy.
teapotty Posts: 2085
Great that you had such a positive story Daisy Row. Had read your other posts about hubby going to Syria and was wishing you well.