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Tulip32 Posts: 124
Hi girls, Have any of you used a birthing pool at home for the early stages of labour before heading to hospital? I had thought all along that I would like to use our bath for the early stages but at 30 weeks I'm realising that the water doesn't come near my tummy even now so I can't imagine I'd be all that comfortable in our bath when the time comes. So I'm considering a birthing pool and trying to decide whether it's worth buying it? Also have a tens so weighing up the benefits of bath vs tens. Any opinions/feedback greatly appreciated!
his&hers Posts: 48
Hi Tulip, Dont have any feedback for you but also love the idea of labouring at home for as long as possible and love the idea of waterbirth but would not be brave enough to have a home birth and am a bit of a distance from the hospital which doesnt offer waterbirth in Ireland. my labour was was induced and was very slow to get going...nearly 48 hrs...did not feel comfortable to get into tiny bath in hospital but found shower great for back labour in early stages but unfortunately it seemed to halt any pains and in the end I i decided pain was better than no pains. Dont have a bath at home just shower and idea of labouring at home in pool sounds amazing just have few concerns ....Would I know when to get in and indeed out?? Is it practically possible with space I have and toddler as it needs to be filled and ready which may be anywhere from 38-42 weeks preg and if i didnt use it how much would I have payed for it either to hire or buy?
seans missus Posts: 1381
I went through a midwifery led unit with my last pregnancy and I used a birthing pool and a TENS machine. I have to say, the birthing pool was great. I couldn't take the gas and air because it was making me sick and I felt drunk. The pool was great, it took away almost all of the pain and I was so relaxed in it. I found this on It might be of use to you. Apparently, there is a lady in Cork who sells them. ... p=69833567
ohsotired Posts: 7071
I hope to use the bath at home because I'm a bathaholic! Just on the water height, at our physio ante-natal class in the hospital we were told that the water should only go up to your hips because whilst you want it to relax you, you don't want it to relax your muscles so much that it slows your contractions down in the long run! I always have a few face cloths in the bath with me because I like to use them to cover my bump and boobs for that extra bit of relaxation so maybe consider something like this?
madhatter01 Posts: 495
Totally agree with the bath and labour as long as you can at home. I found the bath really speeded up labour, takes away alot of the pain. On 1st baby had 4 hr labour and I put this down to the bath, it relaxes muscles, relaxes you a bit :o0 and helps along labour. Will defo be going in the bath this time! best of luck
twoboys Posts: 320
The pool is a fantastic tool for the birth. It moves things along nicely and keeps you much more comfortable than if you were on dry land can float....change position so easily and relax completely. You get the most benefit in the first two hours of getting in (oxytocin levels increase significantly) if you're not close to giving birth by then you can get out for a bit and then the clock resets and you get that massive oxytocin burst again. The level of the water should be at the level of your breast - no higher so that you don't overheat. If labour stops when you get in then you weren't 'officially' in labour. It's a myth that you can relax yourself so much that labour stops. Sip a cold drink while you're in the pool and those cold washcloths on the back of the neck are divine! :lvs This is a good link with info on pool use in a hospital ... -in-labour I got mine a few weeks before Cooper's EDD so I could float around in it in the evening time - I remember watching Desperate Housewives one night and floating in the pool. They make a great ball pit for toddlers too ;) Tracy
Tulip32 Posts: 124
Thanks a mil for all your replies. Gonna go ahead and order my pool today :) Hopefully it will let me labour at home for as long as possible before heading into hospital. Thanks for all the info Tracy. I've been doing the Gentlebirth home course and find it brilliant too!