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foxglove Posts: 587
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
My sister is abit like that. Every time I said I had any problem (I was quite unwell for first 16 weeks) she had something similar but alot worse (even though at the time of both her pregnancies she was completely problem free). Now I don't even bother saying things to her, I have plenty of other people to talk to. Even when I mention buying something (buggy, steriliser, bottles, nappies etc) she either finds something completely negative about my choice or recommends something that isn't even similar. I know it's difficult but try and ignore them.
randomusername Posts: 2134
I just wouldn't talk to them about it. People will always have something to say and when its family they feel more entitled than most. I don't say anything cos I get rolly eyes even though they asked. So now its just the standard "I'm fine" response to everyone :o0 People are a pain in the a$$
Daff Posts: 11644
My MIL is the exact same - there has to be something wrong with her all the time! So since I got pregnant I just told her I was wonderful and everything is fine - she doesn't know I've been off work the last two weeks with Sciatica. But what annoyed me then at xmas was DH's cousin had a horrendous pregnancy last year, and MIL is going around bragging about how wonderful I was etc. So told the truth to anyone else and her face was like sucking lemons when she heard me not playing along with what she'd said.
i want one Posts: 2893
my sil is the exact same. we have a dinner tonight and i said i must try find something to fit me see ticker below obviously not going to buy anything new like! well she turned it all around to her because one of her 1000 dresses doesnt fit her at the minute and thats the one she wanted to wear of course. i mean how can you compare having a fat day (shes tiny by the way and not the least bit fat) to being 40 weeks pregnant?! hopefully your own family an friends are a bit more sympathetic towards you when you need to let it out. dont mind the inlaws :duh:
marianf Posts: 5845
No matter how bad I feel I always say 'I'm fine' other than to my DH to whom I moan. My BF is also pg and is 6 weeks behind me and never stops moaning. I am nearly getting to the stage that I don't want to talk to her, which upsets me because we have been so close for years. Foxglove, I am not for a minute suggesting that you are like my BF. I just keep the discomfort to myself because I am sure nobody else really wants to know about it. And I am fine, considering I am pregnant.
rosiemama Posts: 3363
[quote="marianf":39hv84fq] I just keep the discomfort to myself because I am sure nobody else really wants to know about it. And I am fine, considering I am pregnant.[/quote:39hv84fq] i was like that as well during my pregnancy. had different problems throughout but never really complained about it to anyone, i just expected pregnancy to be like that. SIL was pregnant at the same time and to be fair she didn't complain much either, but MIL did it all for her. now another SIL is pregnant, she has very low pain threshold and complains all the time anyway so is a million times worse at the minute. what is really annoying me is how MIL tells everyone how i had such an easy pregnancy, and how SIL is having such a hard time compared to me! next time i'm going to moan about every single little thing!
marianf Posts: 5845
[quote="rosie_mama":2hq9ijcr] what is really annoying me is how MIL tells everyone how i had such an easy pregnancy, and how SIL is having such a hard time compared to me! [/quote:2hq9ijcr] Oh I sooo hear you on this one. I am sure my BF thinks the same...that I have it so easy compared to her. I feel like saying..............I don't sleep, my hips and back are so sore sometimes that I cry with the pain (have an existing prob and can't take my meds), sometimes I cry with tiredness, my nose bleeds at least twice a day etc etc..............but I don't feel the need to talk about it. End of rant........................
Psycho Sue Posts: 1875
I had a big long response done up to this, and it didn't post for some reason arrrggghhh. Anyway, the jist of it was, I can completely empathise with you on this, as my MIL and SIL are unbelievable for exaggerating and as a consequence, my SIL's pregnancy and labour were the worst in the world EVER! (this is honestly what she says). My SIL states that she was in labour for 72 hours (fri morn to sun morn is 48 hours, correct me if I'm wrong here... :duh: )(she was brought in and they tried to induce her on the fri but it didn't work, they tried again that evening, and it didn't work and the 3rd and last time on the sat morning, she started to progress a little (2cms dialated in 24 hours- in total is all she got) yet she tells everyone that she was in full blown labour from Friday morning!!! Her baby was born by emergency C-section, as she couldn't cope with the pain and literally screamed until they sectioned her. Anyway, anytime I see them and they ask how I am, I always say that I'm fine, no problem, (and I would hope that this would make them cop to the fact that its no big deal, and that my SIL was a big hypo...) Don't get me wrong, I know there are people who have a tough time for pregnancy and labour, but with my MIL and SIL, I could never complete, so I don't even bother telling them small things! Sorry its not much help, but maybe this is the attitude to adopt with them, and just find someone a wee bit more sympathetic to talk to if you need to vent a little. HTH Sue
foxglove Posts: 587
Thanks for the replies girls Marianf i know you werent saying that, the problem is i dont moan or complain, i usually say im fine but the odd time i do have a moan they start. Like you all say its easier probably to say im fine even when im not but can be frustrating when they think you sail through it I tried that for first while (even when i had bad MS for weeks on end), used to say i was fine when i was feeling miserable. MIL actually said to me one day i had no idea, that her daughter had such a rough time of it. Think i need to just learn to shut it out.