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pluto Posts: 3893
Just want to add, that in no way would it change what I got them for a present. I don't understand why it should to be honest.
AislinnS Posts: 1253
All of our friends that we've mentioned it to so far think it's a great idea. We're not having a huuuge Irish wedding, so it will be uncles and aunts, first cousins and some close friends - all people who know us very well. The women will be getting all dickied up anyways, so why not the men?
PrincessBride_07 Posts: 517
To be honest if you think about it, women get dressed up for weddings regardless of whether it's black tie or not, I mean does black tie mean cocktail dresses for the women because I've been to them before and i'd wear the same type of dress that I'd wear to a non-black-tie wedding. So it's only the men that have to hire a tux and in all honesty it's not that expensive to hire is it?? I definitely don't think people wouldn't give a gift because of a black tie wedding...would they???
AislinnS Posts: 1253
I think it's 80 euro to hire the suit, including shirt, cufflinks and cleaning fees (regular, not spilled-a-curry-down-myself cleaning). Shoes can even be hired! Half an hour to have it fitted, 5 mins to pick it up, 5 mins to shove it on a hanger after the wedding, and another few mins to drop it back the next day. Less than an hours work, including shoe polish and hair gel. I was even going to go in and have a chat with our local menswear shop and see about getting a discount, and sending business cards out with the invitations.
Youagain Posts: 576
Agree with alot of the points from previous posters. I wear the same regardless of whether I am going to black tie or not. Even love the excuse to get more dressed up! Alot of guys find it more convenient and they look really smart (which even if they bitch about before the wedding, they secretly love it on the day as they get lots of attention!) I also would never give a lesser gift ! Just two things against. If you have alot of people coming from abroad I wouldn't do it as it's way too difficult. Secondly the wedding itself must suit BT in style i.e. if you're reception is in the local hall I just wouldn't do it ! Not saying yours is AislinnS but you know what I mean !
hunky_dorey Posts: 2714
it is more hassle for the guys, black tie for me means i'd prob wear the same dress that i'd wear if i was normally going. to be honest, my reaction to the invite would be that i would be a bit put off, think they are trying to be a wanabee snob (note - i am thinking here if it was one of my friends having black tie - not insulting anyone on here!) but i would go and bring pressie like i would for normal wedding. If you really want it - go for it or else you'll regret it
bumpedy bump Posts: 736
There was no option for - ah f$&K it - but Both get dressed up and bring usual present. We got invited to one last year and i have to say it was a pain in the ass for H2B having to get the tux when he had a perfectly good one in the wardrobe. We had to travel a good bit for the wedding and we live a good bit from our nearest big town so for him it wasn't just a case of 5mins in & out. It wasn't our cup of tea but thats just our opinion!
Bugs Posts: 511
hi Aislinn, had exactly the same dilemma as you - see this thread for a very long discussion on the point! Seems like opinion is incredibly divided on this subject, so have a good long chat with your nearest and dearest and stick to your decision once made and to hell with the begrudgers!
bumpedy bump Posts: 736
meant to say in my post, its whatever is right for you and your H2B. We might have things at our wedding that other people might not like, but to hell with them its our day after all.