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Dream Posts: 266
Hi All I hope you can help me on this one, basically i went to a fortune teller on Thursday last, he told me i was highly fertile but that i know that already because i am pregnant :eek , he said that i was about 3 or so weeks gone. I was absolutely shocked coz i didn't think i was, he said that if i was taking precaution i mightn't be but that i shouild check it out, thankfully he did say that when i do decise to try that i will be pregnant within 4 weeks. So naturally Friday morning i did a test, negative which to be honest is such a relief as i'm just not ready. Anyway it's still on my mind and to make matters worse i had quit my pill for a break , then started a new one Yasminelle and really havn't had a full period at all since Feb which really has to be down to the changing of the pill, it was due last week and i did have one day bleeding. I guess i'm just fretting but everything else he told me was so true, unbelieveable infact. I really dont feel any different and there are no signs or symptoms. I have had diarrheoa for the last week but nothing chronic (apologies if too much info) :-8 What do you make of it all?
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
>:o( Fortune tellers >:o( I think there's very few (if any!) out there who talk any sense. Don't let him worry you. If you tested and it was negative then I'd assume you're not and he's full of it. Otherwise, maybe test again in a week or so. Hope you get the answer you want :xxx
Incognito Posts: 232
One told me in August that I would have to do IVF to become pregnant. I became pregnant two months later! I was so sorry I went to him because he upset me. Don't mind him!
Poppit Posts: 2042
I went to one recently. He was spot on with so many things. Then told me that he didn't see any children for me. Really upset me. Suggested i go for tests.
shocked22 Posts: 511
I rencently went to a Fortune teller and he told me I'd be pregnant by BFP on 31st March!! But I'd still take what they say with a pinch of salt.
*bubblez* Posts: 1599
I was away on a girly weekend and a woman approached me and asked if she could have a chat she was in her 50's or thereabouts and she just chatted generally for teh rest of the weekend everywhere we went she was there saying and and coming over for a chat, when I was in one f the local pubs she was there and when I went to the loo she was in there and asked would I listen to her for 5 mins... she told me I was unsure about getting married and settling so young but that I would be happy with my husband, she said I had been ill for a long time but if I concentrated on me for a change I would get better very quickly.. she also told me that I'd have twins but before that I would be very dissappointed with my pregnancies... She was right about my feelings about getting married and I talked to hubby about it and shortly after realised this was what i really wanted and would make me happy... I was very ill but I took time out away from stress and other things that upset me and I haven't had the same problems since (this was over a year ago) and then I got preg and had my miscarraige... so I guess that the dissappointment... I've been told a good few times now that I'll have twins so hopefully they're right... I think some fortune tellers are a bit dodge to be honest.. but I went to see a crap one wehn I was younger and she told me my great love would be named "X" the only person I knew by that name was my best friend and for years I thought I was in love with him!!!! I forgot about it till her reminded me at my wedding that him and my hubby share the same name!!! spooky Don't let them upset u honey if they're good they can detect changes so he was prob just detecting the changes in ur body from changing pills and some ppl are v fertile when they come off the pill so he may just be picking up that... don;t be fretting at all
Dream Posts: 266
Thank you for your replies, i understand that he may be crap at the fortune telling only i know he's not, it's the guy Billy in Mullingarin the Yukon Bar, i went to him 4 years ago and everything was right and this time too (apart from the pregnant bit) Mrs. Crazy Lady , that was weird about that lady :eek and i agree with you, maybe he senced the whole on/off pill and thought i was pregnant, my poor husband when i came home, he nearly choked on his rice crispies :o0 he thought it was because i am so fertile that the ft thought i was pregnant, mad stuff! Thanks Again :thnk
lil-star Posts: 3149
fortune is like fate, it comes blindfolded and you never know how its going to turn out.... he may be really good but perhaps got his timescale mixed up... i dunno :-8 i do tarot readings myself and am a lil physic (cant even spell the damn word!) and h2b often calls it physco!! No one can determine your fate or even tell you how it can go, maybe just what to watch out for :o)ll so if he saw a bebe on the way, watch out!!
Incognito Posts: 232
Dream, My bad experience was with the same man (see my post above) and it was completely wrong. Try not to be fretting!