Boho/alternative wedding venue ideas please!

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raerae Posts: 30
Hi all! Just wondering if anyone has any ideas for an alternative wedding venue near Wicklow? maybe somewhere with a really nice garden or courtyard even beer-garden! There are lots of places if you have lots of money! but we're looking for something affordable...any ideas? we will be inviting 70 people to the main event. Thanks :)
shobie Posts: 1437 This is our venue. Fantastic & different
2009BrideToBe09 Posts: 155
Nor sure if your willing to try somewhere other than wicklow so sorry if this doesnt help! The Millhouse in Meath might suit you, pretty Boho fab!
disney08 Posts: 575
How about Airfield House & Farm? I love it! It's on the southside of Dublin,
Tinnakilly House. Really nice garden. Have drinks reception outside of weather is nice. Something really nice about this hotel.
blueswallow Posts: 1244
Sorry I can't help with a venue recommendation but I just thought, if you haven't come across it already, that you might be interested in this website: There are some absolutely ADORABLE ideas in there (the nicest ones, I think, are in a few pages). Wish I'd seen it before we planned ours.
raerae Posts: 30
Thanks for all the suggestions! I'll look at them all :)
Belle09 Posts: 111
Blue Swallow thats a cool website...Love it!!! Thanks O-O