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Fur Posts: 131
Is it ok to combine breast and bottle feeding? My latest thought is to breast at night and maybe bottle during the day as i know the relations will be flocking *) Would this work? Sometimes i feel i dont have a clue :-8
july7812 Posts: 1787
I did this on both my 2 DS's - on the 1st up till 20 wks & on the 2nd till 26 wks & found it great. I found breastfeeding at night very tiring & also by my DH giving the baby a bottle it gave him a chance to bond more with our boys. By the way the milk in the bottle was expressed milk not formula.
Fur Posts: 131
Thanks guys, thats good to know. I was thinking of using formula in the bottles, would this combined with breast at night still work? xx
silíní Posts: 4219
From what ive heard lots of people combine formula and breast but you need to be careful at the beginning to ensure you are bf enought to get up a good supply. Lots of women seem to combine them and get on great. I have to say though, what do you mean by the relations flipping??!!! I wouldn't let their opinions affect the decisions you make about your baby.... I know some of my in laws will be a bit freaked out with my BF but they will just have to wear it!!!!!!
Fur Posts: 131
yeah i didnt write flipping, hold on let me do a test flocking
Fur Posts: 131
what the?? I wrote f-l-o-c-k-i-n-g and it was changed to flipping, why?? I know from my sisters that they be very busy with visitors so am thinking the bottle would be handy then esp during the day when h2b not there, in the eve me and babs could sneak off xx
silíní Posts: 4219
Fur i think this website changes anything that vaguely looks like a curse word. Like, once i wrong S*&t and it changed it to 'sugar'!!!! Shows the difference a word can make!!!!!!!! :o0 :o0
Fur Posts: 131
Madness girls :o0 :o0
pattie Posts: 2379
You might be glad to get away upstairs with the excuse that you have to feed the baby when the visitors start arriving in droves! Also, in the long run, BF'g is handy round the clock, especially if you have to go somewhere or a journey, you can just feed babs in the car, no need to organise bottles or find somewhere to heat them. I think it's more common to do the BF'g during the day and the bottle of formula for the last feed at night to possibly get babs to go a longer stretch. I'm not sure how early you could introduce this as in the early days you want to establish your supply by getting babs to feed frequently but you are also at more risk of blocked ducts, etc. if you leave too long a ga between feeds. Maybe someone who has done similar can give you some advice on the specifics. Best of luck.
Trish07 Posts: 506
My sil has just had a baby last sunday and she has been giving the baby breast and formula since she was in the hospital. The midwifes there seemed to encourage it as the baby was jaudiced and wasnt getting enough fluids. she is continuing to do this at home but mainly breastfeeds during the day and he bf gives baby the bottle at night. Ill let you know how it works out cause baby is only 7days old at the moment