Bridal Belt/Sash

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EilBla Posts: 110
Hi all! Have my dress ordered and im now on the hunt for the sash that im going to put around the waist of it. Ideally I would love something like these: But, they start at around 250euro, which is a little crazy having already paid 1500plus for my dress eeekkk :/ So im wondering if anybody has one to sell? Or could advise somewhere cheaper to buy? Iv looked on etsy but i feel like id really need to see the belt in 'real' life to know if its right or not! Thanks! O:o)
EilBla Posts: 110
Still looking ladies.. Any help appreciated :)
msc7182 Posts: 172
I bought mine from the white room in mullingar for €150. Didn't even buy my dress there and they were just so lovely!
LittleLily Posts: 3682
Try Etsy [url:xltls838][/url:xltls838] You could also make one yourself. You can buy motifs like this in places like the Wollen Mills in Dublin and sew them on to what ever ribbon you like. [img:xltls838][/img:xltls838] Thats kind of how my hairband was made except we bought motifs that had no beading on them and sewed on some little pearls.