Bride en route to wedding today...

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Fuss Pot Posts: 405
Aww, just had to share... Was coming out of Dundrum Town Centre earlier and was just waiting to come onto the roundabout outside it and among all the traffic along comes a bride on the way to her wedding! Herself and her Dad were in a really fab old vintage car, and I got a good look as they were coming past me around the roundabout - ah she looked so happy and smiley - couldn't really see her dress that well but her veil and hair looked absolutely gorgeous and she just looked on top of the world - and her Dad was just beaming, he looked so emotional and proud! Funny how normally in traffic its every man for himself, especially as its busy at that point coming from the shpping centre but everyone just stopped to let the wedding car continue!! I got a little tear in my eye thinking about my day and going to the church with my own Dad! :compress Then I was wondering was she a Wollie!! If you were and you end up reading this - Congrats, hope you had a great day and you looked so gorgeous and happy!! :o)ll :o)ll
Rocksie80 Posts: 4045
Ah that's lovely!! O:o)