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specialbride Posts: 54
Dose any of yea Gals know where i can get nice but not to expensive brides shoes and fashionable ones at that too :wink:
Rubee Posts: 483
Hiya I had same question last week! I went to dance world on Parnell St they have one in Ranelagh too. All Shoes are around 90 euro. ... bcat_id=32 I got madisson for your info:) Also Barratts do a few nice ones quite cheap. You may get a cheap pair in Dolci's in Clery's and Dune in Roches do wedding shoes too (bit dearer) Debenhams as well but didn't think much of them. Oh and I think Next do some strappy sandals in white/ivory for around 40. Good Luck!!!
specialbride Posts: 54
Thanks for your help June Bride 05 . will look into those :lol:
castlebride Posts: 96
HI I had great trouble trying to find a nice pair of white ones. In the end booked a pair of in new york. If you have a look on their website you might find something. I got 'passion' and I say with shipping they shouldn't work out more than €75-€80. Haven't got my credit card bill yet. I found them very good, and had my shoes delivered within 15 days. Hope this is of some help.
Mokey Posts: 576
Try Bay Trading in Liffey Valley shopping centre - they had a beautiful pair of shoes there but unfortunately they were too high for me.... otherwise I would have bought them (I spend my time in flat shoes so I'd kill myself in anything more than 2"!!) But they really were fab shoes and were only about €40. Barratts also had a small selection but I didn't find them that comfortable. Come to think of it, Monsoon have bridal shoes too but they're not that cheap... in around the €120 mark. I paid €104 for mine in Lantz but they'll dye them for me after the wedding for an extra €35 which is great.... kinda justifies the money cos you know you're not going to wear them for just one day!
queeny Posts: 117
Girls, If like me, you like a good bargain and don't want to spend an arm and a leg on shoes you're only going to wear once, get yourselves on the Enterprise and take a trip to Belfast. Get yourselves round to British Home Stores (BHS) where i got my shoes and shoes for both my bridesmaids for £58 (roughly 85 euro), my shoes were £22 and i got my bridesmaids shoes this morn reduced to £17.50 each, what a bargain. Now, in fairness they need dyed but i can get them dyed aswell and still have change from £100! It might be worth the price of a train ticket! I was in a bridal shop last fri and seen a pair of shoes very similar to my own and they were £68 for the brides shoes alone!
MrsSeptB Posts: 95
I got my shoes on they are Katz Bridal, great selection, really fast delivery too, they got here the next day. Only paid €60.
Platinum Bride Posts: 163
Also try